Parliament Resignation –


It was very much about very dark – grey skies over Washington, DC as tony Blair continued to deliver on torts – made by well wishers – in the stairwell of Georgetown, Washington DC. Now while they do as they please there are some changes –

I sat alone for many many hours with Linus torldavlous- saw a film at the theater with a girl across town, when I had been left in awe by one of my best friends – who has now passed – Carmen sandiego – presumably working at the World Bank.

I had shared a seat at the World Bank when the gates to the Organization of American states was granted – rarely. The conclusion by the French and the Portuguese speakers was the same.

no. no. no. What is this and where did you get it? –

I had a pin given to me by my grandfather – a cuff-link from the office of the President where he worked. This is where I would work. It was extremely difficult. And I mean to say in the extreme. The information Systems director’s advice was short – you come to me. –

What this would mean to me years later would be of no consquence – as I continued on down the hill to the bottom – where tales of a crazed person – prevailed above going the wrong way down a one way street. I had done so.

There on the subway – all the way down is a man with dread locks and a drum. Absolute insanity was met well; walking back and forth down the streets of Georgetown. With little or no money at all, I decided to then leave Washington, as it is so called – for good reason – when I had returned there
my ears were nearly sealed by it -So sitting once more beside my new acutriment – Windows 10 – I had inter-vied for a modest fee – When I had cashed the check – at a convenience check cashing store –

I discovered that a fraudulent loan was made to me in my absence.

Hearing the same is extremely difficult while exercising extreme caution: I have not gathered all the information which makes up a complete investigation. But is the cause, not MY … resolution. To anything that has to do with a Brexit ! Yes, I willfully understand what it implies.

So, I have concluded that Brexit was otherwise held in contempt very early on. The European Union is not a friendly building, it is not a friendly place, and I do not regret doing business with a Brexit when I lost the convenience to receive an impartial credit!..

AND: Not withstanding they are in serious trouble. period.

I have failed to produce the case for towing and seizure of working vehicles? ; the case for military classification by dereliction; the case for Felony court record – are they missing -and all the way down,
many other acts of HERESY.

I would guess easily that Parliament, hold murderers and or both. – Best guesses include actually going back to work in the middle of it – where there is no easy solution. to some sort of war – 8X?*OKz_=

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