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Victoria’s Secret corporate parent has repeatedly said it has no direct company ties to Epstein – when asked – and having nothing to do with talking; Columbus, Ohio-based company, L Brands is nearly impossible to contact through the mail.

Epstein was Wexner’s personal money manager- a corporate to none other, the sports giant rivals the NFL stock price. – Out of control. Taking the recent indictments out of focus only draws attention to his guilt as he says,

” we do not believe [Epstein] was ever employed by nor served as an authorized representative of the company.”

The corporate had out-grown the Bank of America tower -that is particularly – there – for what reason – and is also known as L-brands. But Mr. Wexner says he knows:

“But let me assure you that I was NEVER aware of the illegal activity charged in the indictment.”

It would appear that he would need a money manager – and not a software manager – Mr. Jeffery Epstein. What else is managing this –

Lots of things – the store front rent – the utility – the taxes – the problem is the attention – that garters his forfeiture. – so says me, he and the disciplinary notices- that he knows nothing about –

But what do I think – whispers the Russian investigation to the security office – that bars the door for firing – Or where is the bust – is a better question for her to answer – given this arguement:

According to a 1994 filing, Wexner and Epstein shared a corporate address: L Brands’ headquarters building. “

I think something else is baring the door – its not realistic to do the things he has already attempted to do – by this simple exchange. Walking home with a limp foot – It looks like I had already met him – anyway. This is no case for a IUD – They all come in the same size shape and color. How can a limp foot do that –

Would he trust me with that? – Was he getting anything for himself – What about something off the scale dumb – like vanishing? – too let that alone is the wood. –

Can I sell my vanishing to the wood – somebody would want to buy it. Surely this is the indictment – the accusation.

Mr. Wexner has an answer once more – for that –

“Mr. Epstein’s crimes are abhorrent, and we applaud every effort to bring justice to those harmed,”

I don’t know what he has done but the crime fits more of an episode-al argument – than anything I know of Justice. A disciplinary action – Some crimes don’t need a lecturer –

So, we may never know what the construction is about – but we know what the zoning IS ABOUT.

Wexner continues – the Columbus Dispatch has reported that Epstein donated $47 million to a charitable trust

What trust is that – where is Wexner – wow. Just quit now.

Given that this was a mystery before – it no longer appears that it is –

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