Warplanes from four countries face off in Asian confrontation



What in the world – is this:

운 꿈을 피했

Only time will tell. Sitting from here – It sounds like a congressional hearing. Did you know that blindness is not temporary?

No. No I didn’t. – What is it about the religious that make you angry-? I tell – I busy. Why I cannot speak – Becomes a long winded sentence. –

What for – I obviously cant maintain the modis operandi in such a contentious debate. I’m simply not involved.

I would like to begin work as an elementary teacher and at the same time I would not want to be responsible for the secret tower in the back room. They had all perished.

Beside the white cliffs of Dover – never to be seen again – We dont know runs the entire operation. So eat up – lighting strikes the tower at 10:00 AM Tuesday.

“You used the word ‘intrusion’ and I’d caution against using such terms, considering China and South Korea are friendly neighbors and the situation is not clear yet,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Save the tower – save the clock tower – an imaginary narrative. So says the communist party

What do you think I am doing? – Save the tower – save the clock tower. I would rattle change inside a closed can of coins, but unfortunately I don’t really have a can – of change.

California does – why dont you go over there – But isnt there a dragon inside of there ? What is the point to even going inside one of those work places ?

ummm. right right.

The hour is late – as you can already tell. Why do I work these hours – I was hoping that you would see it. Now I can. – I can see everywhere – except there.

This is pretty much the end for CNN –

“We are taking this situation very seriously, and if this kind of action is repeated, we will take even stronger measures,” Chung said, without detailing what those measures could be.

The measure is stealing North Korea undoubtedly – who responds to there with foresight.

Im serious – and they are not – but this is not to say that I had already won with the dumb thing sitting on the desk.

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