Mauna Kea protests – telescopes


Mauna Kea – basically a wasteland already – if you don’t know how to navigate basic controls of the telescope – as some would insist – their way –

They are: a model of the sun:

Laugh? – think again

Obviously the color doesn’t matter if you can escape with your life – Mauna Kea can’t –

The fourth of July – is not celebrated there for obvious reasons – even if Heath Ledger temporarily – has the keys to your life – that is if you don’t laugh your self to death first –

“Black holes. Black holes at the center of most galaxies are so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape their gravitational pull.”

Laugh it up – people that believe that a black hole – cant escape its gravitational pull are likely facing inflammation – however a black holes like this are a means to an end – while the telescopes operate no church –to speak of – the idea a determent – to people that cant pay to put them there firstly – and they exist simply because of what is required of a black hole – to . yes to actually live – live inside of a wall or tunnel of fire – until all the resources used on Earth have expired –

The extraterrestrial life that lives there likely also has four legs ! – four.

This is most dangerous thing I have ever seen and its literally inescapable –

For example there is a legend of a 3 foot tall squirrel like being – they are intelligent – however life is so harsh – for these – they had all perished – seeking the powerful light of the Earth’s Sun for guidance –

Had they once lived here? – On earth – This is troublesome for many people –

There is also a group of Dawrven outlanders – who presumably ruled their entire chiefdom – and also perished because they had not gathered much of anything – living in isolated communities – that have only seen basic primitive life for more than a thousand years –

Is there a way to contact them -?

It would seem that someone does all this dirty work – except he is very concerned toward these things INSTEAD!-

The Yeti –

Yetis live in a very dense forest – and because of their long hair – they are able to appear at will – on Earth.

Earth and this planet are Extremely Similar – Except for – you guessed it – the hill at: Mauna Kea

Heath Ledger

Has these things in common with this transit –

Transit for July 14th

The Moon sex-tiles Saturn – or they are directly ac-cross from one another –

This is the easy-est job in possibly the world – because – if you notice here – they had vanished –

One day with another – and it is very interesting – the actual idea of an incorporeal being – because this spell can grant you anything that explodes in the dark –

Goji.[7][8] La Gargouille – however – is said to have been the typical dragon with bat-like wings, a long neck, and the ability to breathe fire from its mouth. Goji live – on Earth – From its mouth -? There is only one other thing that does that -lol

Here is how to capture a Goji –

And you have to use the moon to do it – while the Sun is not present – a similar loud thumping – will lead you to the different world –

This is the only real star-gate device they seem to have – and its about riders – or cars traveling the highway at night-

Presumably you gather enough power from the color of the name – and ask – through the black hole – where this is! – its on the highway +++


Thump-er the rabbit would thank you. Thats probably the end to this telescope story – because the telescope people are not operating it – they are not working – and cant be helped – very similar to paleontology – the likes of which VERY VERY FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEE

how about these eyes –

Something very lude is how bright the lights are on the highway with the Goji – people (humans) burning their engines up – unaware of any particular place they live –


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