Lufthansa, British Airways suddenly suspend all flights to Cairo as ‘precaution’


“heightened risk of terrorism against aviation” were the head-lines today. Undoubtedly in response to President Trumps hands so deep inside his pockets.

That is not necessarily bad if you count anything toward purchasing tumbleweed. Or other – things – but he is good at it. –

” As safety is the number one priority of Lufthansa, the airline has temporarily suspended its flights to Cairo today as a precaution, while further assessment is being made,” Lufthansa said by ABCnews

Lufthansa , beside such a change of plan – is all to familiar with the issue. British Airways – known for strange things with their free BBC news feeds – among-st other things – is not checking bags to Egypt– although they may have nothing to do with the United Kingdom.

Familiar? – look no further than the line at the ticket counter. – If you’re from out of town – getting back to Reno from Las Vegas means an hour delay or more for the next short flight – and it is short – unfortunately is to say that you should wait -wait for the next one while there is none. – regardless.

No free perks – in other words – for weary fox-trotters.

What is really the issue however – you are flying the plane because I’m absolutely exhausted – alright? –

Fine say the insolent – Rough going say the perverted – and the tormented. – the tormented are as good as a tiny gnat – we don’t understand how these things are alive ? – Remember? –

Not really – Rabbits do. So. Where are you going? – Home. Are you going through the new security gate with your belt intact ? – The civil war one? -Well I don’t know you see I am only known for this because I crossed a bridge that had never been crossed – I had mapped it. –

wow. –

This conversation is why they are suspended – and they are going to Egypt – You cant win this game alright? – Dont you have a plane to fly – Mr.gnat

yes. Shoulder up with Scorpio -And the only thing you have left – There you are bombarded by interplanetary – stary eyed stink – on your feet – Automatically -? Thats an interesting picture –

While a little someone else is not even in the line sight – and he is especially good at making himself little – when he takes off his shoes. Somebody said he needs pants too – Scolding even the lowest of the low, his eyes to the ground. – The ground looks better – Sorry.

Richmond, VA

What is wrong with the baggage claim loosing the things they had to put on the thing that loads them? – The thing. – that – loads – them.


This idea is too complicated – trouble starts quickly -trouble is exaggerated – ouch – this is a hard job for ladies

Where is my bag anyway – ? Its in the overhead compartment with one extra outfit. lol

Mars ahead of Venus – for this period of time – means sneaky things –

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