UK MPs threaten to drag Queen Elizabeth into Brexit chaos


What drags Queen Elizabeth? –

When fish have a way – but not a means – chaos is not up to them much – not according to the prime minister of Parliament. – Or if you would like to go that far – the British Prime minister.

Parliament went up across London bridge – an idea similar to Brexit – but not quite as important as Parliament. – This is a very strange idea. – The likes of which – quicker to turn your stomach than it is to solve anything for Steven Universe’s sister – who celebrates x-mas instead of Christmas –

So how was it used to solving problems like this –

It was very very direct and unwavering – especially when out of its element. For example – one day I was speaking out of turn – and speaking for that matter – about Vegemite –

Vegemite – Vegemite I would say – like a jingle – inside a box – there was no toy. It was met by Amelia – who was – was infarct able to point out – by very very high consequence – that it was nasty.

What was nasty – putting my head inside a leather jacket and hoping the fate would be removed from my forehead. Not so.

My sight was OFF. –

I had twisted my ankle – the only person able to help me try to get home that day was another fraud –

So, I offered to take care of her Guinea Pigs – a terrible thing she paid me a small sum for the trouble – the trouble of dropping them and causing their nails to break!

So now its x-mas and this story is at its end. –

Not so Mr. Kearney. Vegemite Vegemite lets all watch the Simpsons – it will be left shortly – inside the church. I had a small bell. Inside a crystal ashtray. That played exhaust through a saxophone. – That was the problem.

If I had my glasses on – the place also includes two king sized bed(s) and offers to turn the air conditioning on during the summer months, near the bus station. Two hands would lift my bags away – and suffer at the foot of a harry prince.


This is also a nasty thing. When will people realize why their comments are so expensive – what was going on that is so important and If I were 90 years old – there wouldn’t be any Brexit at all. –

No service today – I deserve a clean and comfortable taxi cab. – Undoubtedly.

Here are some of the options for not reading uk publication(s) –

MP(s) -?

You’re right – they do – they are curt and quick to answer because they head the United States Army – Marine Corps MP(s) are stranger – a bit more tolerant of the Air Force. – Good for about the next 250 miles down the interstate. – Seriously. What are they blocking? – We don’t care. Seriously don’t care. You had better check the oil, ok? Or move that one in front of the army. – A case for ludicrous rants has ended and one more time. – Has ended. +++ This is about humanity – not the south pole.

A 30 billion economic hit? – Thats honestly the only 30 billion economic hit I know of – the gas pump still reads over $2.50. I don’t understand why they are watching there – I’m not – I’ll kindly be in the front of Circus Circus Casino in Reno, Nevada if you don’t mind.

We do mind – Do MPs have the power to stop a no-deal Brexit?

I dont understand what the answer is. – Its more than likely – OFF. OFF. OFF we’re going off. A famous hill in Africa. I can only read those small green signs that tell me if it is an interstate or a state highway and how far the next town is you know –

Reading anything else into what they are talking about is truly chaotic when all you need is an elbow to construct the new Native American museum.

Finally, although the Prime Ministers question(s) are there:

I wont be talking about you know what It-her. –


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