London mayor condemns Trump’s ‘blatant unashamed racism’


As if we had not all heard enough by the neighborhood children, there is this:

“their home is America, but their message crosses borders.” – said London Mayor Sadiq Khan

No it doesn’t. If this is any indication: lol

It is just a matter of time before they “ditch” – or begin to approach you – violently. If there were any solidarity to this there was. Wow well then what happened to Myanmar? Its not there –

“We are disgusted by Donald Trump’s attack on you. His blatant, unashamed racism has appalled people around the world.” he says once more.

The man is revolting – having no understanding. He is snide – and slighted by “insecurity” among-st other things but this has earned him top honors. In many many areas – except this one – yes this one.

For example Trump would then say – apart from the ten million dollars in his hand –

How will he satisfy all these people? – ??? Or rather – how is this precariously – put away – or marked down to racism. Not the issue at all – lol

It ended there while doing my best to understand futures – and stock benefits – something that is extremely difficult to do – with no money at all – you are nearly captured – then what is this? –

Well – what does it take to get ahead and take advantage of opportunity- Not him – or by me, the white house. Giving someone the bird just does not make the cut – or even further – any cut – the line being deadlocked by HBO/. wow. lol

How is this so? – President Trump said this:

“Trump reacted by calling Khan a “stone cold loser,” a remark Khan later told CNN was “the sort of behavior I would expect from an 11-year-old.”

Hey nobody is going to steal my Grandma. – alright?

And this is at the height of stupidity. – There once was a man who drove around in a strange cart – an electric motorized cart – when I was eleven –

And going straight to hell, it no longer roams the neighborhood –

He was very articulate – could tell you that everything was on sale at new egg despite Donald Trumps – sons – in California. – Except this time they are making the rules – And it is a very old story – best known for an extremely cold shoulder – much like the north pole. But before putting this foot forward –

I would look for my sister instead, drinking straight corn whiskey along the way – a number one item on the agenda-!

Beside the desert – the best advice given by – two African Americans instead of one – a pair of doppelgangers – near to rail road tracks was – ten cents. Do you have ten cents. -? I couldn’t answer.

A lonely desert – on a cliff face overlooking emerald bay – is not a pretty picture for some – and duck tales.

Maybe this was never said – but it held all the hopes and dreams together – you had better not loose it – Mr. eleven year old.

How am I going to do this is then a terrible terrible consequence for Mr. Trump having seen both the right and the left – a green party –

You may just continue on this way – another popular narrative. heheheh

Very dangerous consequences a- and a breakfast table alike – near a lonely hotel in Seven Corners. – I don’t think its lonely – He goes on to say:

“You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise,” she wrote.

So be it – its doubtful.- if she is greek – ouch –

I’m not saying anything – ok? I’m surprised – she haven’t picked it up already –


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