Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us


Of all the stupid ideas there is – and I mean stupid – as it is – in print at the United States District Court – Having escaped – apparently – are warrants and writ of capias – more likely than never reason(s) for many, many – jokes –

So which is it – I will never find the form – for example for proof of residency at Social Services. While they go that way I will come this way – What is the price for doing business this way ? – It. is. very. very. long. and. arduous. –

Is storming area 51 at the expense of others? very likely yes – what are these judgements made on the thin red line? – Having waited until all of the argument has been thoroughly examined – by someone else! -?

Someone that hears – all of them is even more likely

To put it lightly – someone that doesn’t hear them is the CIA. confirming its use as a test base. – I wont put it – So what do we get -? murder 1? extortion? the list goes on – which is another story – a really really lousy one – What are these people thinking -? Better yet – this already has been examined by Judge Valentine – what a silly name for George the third. Dummies do that too, I guess.

Dustin – served 35 years in the US Army Reserve including service in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. He is a nationally-recognized expert on court and Judicial Security ! and – Chinese secrets – Russian secrets – a MI6 — nevermind – wtf.

I’m not really sure what the advantage in doing this may be, because none of it is sensical – in so much as saying that I want to build a Koi Koi garden and a boardwalk in my back yard – swap the engine in the Mustang – repair complex pneumatic break lines and go to church on Sunday – but Dustin has. The story of Ty Massey – is another –

They don’t get it – Alright? Honestly what are they doing there?

Im tired of it- hes not – get it? – Dont you want it? – Dont you want it? – lol

I guess they didn’t hear me. I would just tell – instead anyway. I hope my visit to Earth will be as pleasant as theirs.


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