Indian Space Research Organization goes to moon


India appears at times as though there is bat in their belfree- but never out of control. – In partial – * fact they plan on sending a rocket to the moon. The Chandrayaan-2 (Moon vehicle 2) will attempt a soft landing near the little-explored south pole of the Moon.

How far will it go is the question – despite my own experiments at the Smithsonian – castle. Complete with red carpets. – I was able to step out of my sports car without being completelystunned by – the sun. Aimed at – get this:

3.04 trillion green colored trees-

Moon Dust every where – it was fantastic. – If you are using the power of two long enough before falling into a deep sleep – one that is difficult to wake from – the only thing left is to figure out a way to avoid doing that – I’ll tell you – BOOM

wow – so anyway here is en-steins theory today – and in plain sight is black coffee with no creamer – which does well for – “who”

And flash of white. – So, anyway I think it will interest many many people for years to come. many – people. But what happened to Chinese spacecraft?- “Space life” -? You may want to wait until they wake up again. – Because there is an entire de-mention to collecting the air crew lecture about planetary bodies let alone animals – something that the African space crew has wanted to do. To send a whole bag of army men likely in a tiny satellite- because everyone knows – and I mean everyone – the hill is to arduous to endure let alone survive – and if the program survives – what will become of the un-manned missions on Mars? – Military intelligence? – pretty much everything that has to do with traveling to the future – in a church collection plate. – hmmm.

Calculating the escape -is this: gravitational perturbation effects. – wow. before crashing into the lunar surface.[1] of whatever body that may be – I drew several pictures of them myself before they left – but every sail – or large federation of planets – knows how powerful the sun is

What if you steal my book then? –

A child

Its pretty difficult to do in plain sight – wait a minute – I was good at ghost riding – what’s the big idea? – that is the big idea – oh. OH

expertghost riding. – Well if I was an expert ghost rider then I could tell you this and get away clean – no salt under my tongue thank you. –

these landed on my apartment

Goji.[7][8] La Gargouille is said to have been the typical dragon with bat-like wings, a long neck, and the ability to breathe fire from its mouth.


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