70 current and former US border employees connected to Facebook groups with lewd and mocking posts



McAleenann, head of the department of homeland security – said of http://www.facebook.com today – which is now a spectacle to the world:

I have directed an immediate investigation, and as the @USBPChief has made clear, any employee found to have compromised the public’s trust in our law enforcement mission will be held accountable,

A following of this would be – among-st other things – does also include: How is the face-group oriented – does it follow a set of rules – what are the differences? – Nearly all of them include the locality.

How was this handled in the past? – More recently, a small group – located in Falls Church Virginia had designed an Eden group – Exclusive real estate -strange food mixed together in a bucket and other benefits –

This was a friendly – group – Here is a bad one:

irc.freenode.net –

What is so bad about it – absolutely none of it is realistic and none of it will happen ever – What if it will happen – Why are they writing ? – You would be surprised to know – the other answer is more likely – What if we were writing about everything on facebook.

wow. They likely are. – Some problems I had are the more serious insults and “shock” writers – free to write what ever they wish – inside of a box!

What box is that – what about spinning the wheel – there is no worse answer than from Seattle, Washington or San Francisco, California. -very very seriously – A sailors worst nightmare. – They are not afraid to escape – the chains – and rattle someone else’s – purposefully.

What does that mean to you – this :

Its good that you asked !-

Here is an updated summary page http://www.weedbox.net/resume.php

Attached is the resume I described – since 2011, it doesn’t say much about what I did. I didn’t know about any – alternatives to speak of – no. So what I did was try to find like minded people – Lovely? – lol I always hope – that I can answer for myself when the time comes eh? – *
Thank you for emailing me – please call +1 (571) 662-17

From: >
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2019 10:41 AM
To: sssquirrel@hotmail.com <sssquirrel@hotmail.com>
Subject: Updated Resume Request  

Good Morning Michael,

If you could send me a copy of your updated resume with what you have been doing since 2011 that would be lovely and we will go from there.


What in the world does the writer of this email expect? – every – single – thing – you – own. I guess I’m owned – these phrases are important – namely because I don’t remember what that meant to say until moments ago – wierd

Not so weird according to @DHSgov. Are you 10-15 – ?

I can only guess what leads this – not me. not me. –

This could very very well be the end for @DHSgov and the get out – but says in the affirmative:

“This was a different group and the nature of the posting was different, we were talking about a different employee,” he said.

What kind of responsibility exactly is that – ? where are they – this is very easy – they simply cannot answer, I guess — when they should. Especially in front of Mexico –

Well they cant really – as I made my way across the united states – I observed something strange myself – the library.

This was the start of the my-space – craze – Skype calling – and ludicrous ranting – something had to be done about the revolting pornographic stuff on the internet – nothing

wow. Dont go to the rear of Stratosphere in Las Vegas – or visit the Lake Tahoe area – your very likely to be arrested!

The rest of Facebook is truly – here-say. – But generally very expensive – that is to say to you. – if you have ever heard him talk before-

But he is much better at myspace or irc – alltogether

says the cat- I hope.

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