The inventor of the password dies


The inventor of the well known process for inputting your password for – a computer has died. – Should we be shouting “four” -?

I would guess no but some people would argue differently. My own experiments with the blind haven’t stopped with Mr. “Corbato”. I have recently started to use a password generation program after a recent stint with a Linux password being fire-walled by a computer hard drive – which had nothing much to do with a computer until the parts are assembled.

What is the big idea? – I remember the password phrase but not the syntax –

And obviously someone does but it wasn’t me. I tried this in linux:

#apt-get install pwgen

pwgen -AnscvB

sVRnd74k XFmKvWq4 CTM3kL3N Lrk4HXfC FNTbKhL3 m9LN7xqj NvKgKW9C psCjHJH3

So pick one of those – It looks familiar doesn’t it? Thats because its the same phrase – every time – Well, damn then how close to insanity was this man? He was no where near me – because the password is also – WEAK!

– and dont stop laughing there –

establishing “compartmentalization” Or identifying to a dragon after you come back inside – for example – is no laughing matter – what would I do in prison?

Mr. Corbato knows – He knows when he is walking accross the street in a town he has never seen before – He knows when she makes a duplicate of herself at starbucks. He knows when to melt your face at starbucks for making reverse duplicates – He knows how to rub horns in thick fog when – lol

Well forget about the memories I will just leave here on my own is idea – deaf because no one said my name to etch onto a poper’s grave stone at the prison. mmmm.

Because all I had to do that day to access the hard drive was type the phrase with no additional syntax. I was going to quit. Hang up and hang out – The entire history of computing belongs to Prince Charles.

Wait a minute it does – and this is a demon typing a message right now. I have control of the demon and the pound note I gave to the cat for her work with talking trees –

I guess hes going to leave – But wait a minute you cant get here unless you have the pin icon – anyway. – use the one from the night before – because it may suddenly vanish.

A bastard – and … he likes institutional program mes for disturbed children – contends with strange breeds of dogs – oh. I see. lol

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