Why I was killed on the freeway –


This terrible news is terrible – maybe sadder than usual. – Dont take more than what you need from the Walmart bargain bin. Giant Food is more expensive than dewberry’s – and never … evertouch that –

If I knew it was going to do that then I would have never failed. I did. Why are handguns necessary? –

The argument is simple – draw down your weapon. – I didn’t know that I could do that. Apparently I do. All those long walks are cheap – inside your car – Where the hell is it is the question – One that I cannot answer for myself –

So beware of turbans – or 50 caliber machine guns. I think the:


whatever. –

Isn’t that a terrifying thing to think about – What is flying the helicopter there – its not uncle Steve is it? – its the cat.

I had to give my cat Beauregard away because he was so dangerous to train – and it was difficult to keep him around – while I had supervision – I was allergic to him so we had to give him away. -To where is another story – now I have permanent supervision. –

This is the story that lives in a inter-galatic wasteland. – Literally –

Far-away views from the most powerful telescopes cant describe what daily life is like for people like this – that would be the reason for a 30 minute pizza guarantee but not for this:


Thats me. Right there. bye. do not pass go do not collect $200. You have two weeks at your next assignment. Every thing flashes white – you feel absolutely exhausted from the drugs the California legislature deals- bye.

That’s how. So I began the narrative – Its not that bad being dead – I can do it again with bear grills. What about cat? –

Why are you so exclusive – to this sort of thing – how can you stand in front of gun tooting retards? In 130 degree weather. – I’m not sure. I think I was hungry. So – Throw their handcuffs to the ground and leave

It takes a lot of training to complete the soldiery altogether – while some skip to the end – and they are very upset because they know it will be near to impossible -or even more so. – and that is the son of man there – what is it that you want anyway? –

I want money – my account reads as – $0.05 .

I have in my entire possession $28 –

What kind of terrible place is this – Its not

There are ways to say that we have more that not – but it is neither here nor there – when I cant be given anything.


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