There really isn’t all that much to tell. Is there. – If you count anything two-rd, Goofy’s dead wife and missing family; “they” are always 100% misguided. – and I mean 100%.

The idea is that, brought forward – what does that do for me – what does it do for myself – contentious at best “they” are also 100% unapproachable.

Why is that. Hmm: ” In the 1950s, Disney began fleshing out Goofy as a suburban every-man figure in theatrical animated shorts. “

What is goofy then. What. – It would be reasonable to discuss who ? –

” In Goof Troop and the two Goofy Movies, Goofy is a single father to a son named Max. His wife from the 1950s shorts never appears in the show or in the movies. Max’s mother is never discussed, as far as I’ve found. “

I don’t understand Mr Friedman well- what has he found? – I don’t know. What is worse is we will likely never know who. Ever

Thats not funny? – I tried to explain this many many years ago and failed – I don’t know about him – but I have some serious kind of disambiguation in so much as telling him this way – he keeps putting me in jail for whatever reason. lol

Who – are – they ? – Difficult isn’t’ it – Firstly I don’t care and I neither care to know – But I had better answer – For what ever reason – I suppose – because he may sympathize? – Well, – I tell – him I don’t understand gay stuff-

I did need to know. Its not working -right ? – How is it that you are more inept?

From the Disney website:

“Perhaps someday there will be another movie or television show that will explain who Max’s mother is and where “Mrs. Goofy” went, but until that time, there is no definitive answer. You can find lots more information about all of your favorite Disney characters in our online Disney Archives.

Oh, here it is here:

“Why wouldn’t he bring up his parents in that situation, or Max’s mother? Why wouldn’t Max ask?”

He didn’t. – Nobody goes into the projector room. – I don’t understand. Nobody-

The narrative continues – and weather or not you are dumb to it – I suppose that I would be wiser – but I am not – and he is – all mixed together. What is that? -About what –

” Once you think about this mystery, in fact, you almost can’t stop thinking about it and viewing the show through the lens of tragedy. “

huh?Shes crazy – after a certain age – 35 at best. That is who my dear, and that is tragedy –

You had better leave well enough alone – How about this. You date me well enough to have a live in with your mother – and you find out that her bank accounts are missing funds. She has a car payment -There is no deed to your home – you are not married she goes to work and bills are due –

“strange reasons for your behavior.” – ? I would not gamble with that would you? – I like goofy too. a lotIt gets worse – he is definitely male. –

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