The Necromancer


So far there are four ways to generate a result set – (ahem) for a given outcome. The fourth is Necrotic – because – as much as I like demons with no names – they show – colors??

the end of the internet? –wow

Light a candle. Put the coin in your mouth. Take it out of your mouth. Draw a circle around with the coin.

watch the candle. – It turns dark black. and seems to vanish. I guess so… now you have really reached the end of the internet. And also – I am going to come – (I am comming)

Why is my cat comming?

It could be a bird – a wolf – a bear, a racoon – anything – Well she is a kitten – that’s why. –

Why is she black? – I don’t know

It takes a long while to get to the top of this hill in Africa:

(persona non grata)

Dakar, Sénégal : le phare des Mamelles et la pointe des Almadies vus depuis le Monument de la Renaissance africaine.

Repentantly – And Ardently – If you miss it there are severe consequences – what? – I’m sleeping

This ->

30,000-year-old handprint from Chauvet Cave in France

Or This ->

Vatican oblesk

Got me. Which one will it be – you can worship and idolize them as saints – while they are here right? –

( certain animals don’t say anything!)

A lot of times this image is terrifying – I have no idea where it came from – do you ? – yes

Why do I need more than one and why does it change constantly? –

Invite the vampire eyeball father inside your home –

Instead of laughing about it here is a demonstration:

I’m sleeping. – I cant tell which dream is real – being alive up here – or sleeping down there: BECAUSE:

I’m hallucinating. This is WHY its known! – that hallucinating is bad.- lol

well – is there anything else you would like to eat before we go mr. snake?

Anyway. – Here is how you do it. Go outside in your swimsuit. And grab a tree that makes poison sap – to make it easier- a tree – hoping that the tree points to the north – right? – not south

Grabbing this tree the colors are always grey -lol wow. (that’s a nice control factor)

You could get a shirt like this because why don’t I just give it to you and call it quits – hmmm

so if they are always grey – and I’m hallucinating –

take the grey colors – and offer your pain – it has to be a real pain – you cannot inflict pain – because of the seriousness of the matter – but never do it again unless its absolutely necessary. – construct the wike.

You may just say that this is so stupid – like – mafia – why didn’t they know this before – I do know that –I ran out of gas for him.

Put the wike that is above the ground – in front of below the ground –

IGNORE any other result-set -??!@ yes.

Because one does not say. – that their father is above someone elseyikes

Dewburry died translating the Rosetta stone to

Brcause Even the tiny locust pricks – have reasons for missing afternoon tea -wow But, So, where ever you go – don’t use the same one inside anywhere else but your house. lol you could put a mark on it during Halloween. –

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