Queer VR



What is this about? – You would be hard pressed to say – with a plastic boggle on your face. –

The design of Virtual Reality headsets are wrong – they needed to be leather right? – It wouldn’t cost much to produce it as far a sex toys go – this is out – fox-able. – They don’t include dinner I guess. – a local fox – and her complaint(s) to the cat for an appearing hamburger.

I wouldn’t lay there – for too long would you? – lol Sometimes I can see before its too late – to make my complaint – to the nice lady at the controls rather than the ugly – man near to someplace similar – but it looks like it was too late.

Who would want to do this ? – Lots of “people” – If you want to talk dumb then try to examine some of it-

Epic games has a design suite – that I don’t understand.

I determined that it has not nearly been as difficult as dentistry – that I do understand But I can say this with confidence – I tried the Jamaican remedy recently – GHOST PEPPER HOT SAUCE

It works – However, – this only aggravates your nose – that being one of the VR headsets. AND I HAVE NEVER USED ONE- EVER So, chamomile is the alternative here. – How does chamomile do that? Nobody really knows – ma-bye it was already on fire – its not a weed – lol

Anthemis arvensis grows wild –

It creates a strange float between your ears – a manager y – that is free of charge –

I think I can think of something very very similar. – For example why buy anything – these people are talking about – literately anything.

I don’t know – but I dont think it would be wise to have the codes – and write anything associated with virtual reality at all.

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