Kate Middleton, claims royal expert




What if you didn’t know anything about – Kate Middleton – and you wanted to buy her from the store. Who would you look for – hmmm. -?

Its much easier to understand if you had an intimate relationship – why does the duchess , come over insensitive to the subject – while having this all to her self:

“With Meghan, she would tread very carefully and do her best to make her feel at home,” Seward, said of Kate Middleton. –

We don’t know. – I don’t know because I do know its much easy-er to make it to the other side of the room than be a concerned citizen. Children make well to do to be seen most of the time – do as I say not as I do. –

Where is nurse Seward anyway during all of this -? We don’t know. Maybe she is on Microfilm at the library – It did take a long while to fully understand that this is absolutely the end of the road – if you are wrong

In 1952, queen Elizabeth’s coronation – is not up for discussion. -it was difficult – Kate … I don’t think so. He-res why –

You need a castle to understand – not a $60 million dollar house. Using the taxi cab makes it more confusing – when it isn’t. yuck. football.

So anyway, Larry is down there – not up there and you cant really yell to him in side of doors. Unless you are sitting on the couch. – Astounded by her every single day you are apart. – Then it would be time to try to catch them in the motor cars – or golf carts -? or what ever they have – I would stay close to the kitchenfor the party

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