Angela Merkel seen shaking


A German conversation is often difficult – biting into your coffers instead of the status quo – Either one of the two lead straight to yesterdays news – However, weather or not you share something in common with he and she beside Angela Merkel is up for debate today- Hypoglycemia

Sometimes Hypoglycemia causes my hands to shake – I would like to remember what I said about it – but I wont. – For whatever reason. I would much rather look at the ground – What they have to say is usually very cruel because I am so fancy. – yes.

Casting that apart from where the Avon woman actually is – has nothing to do with Hobby Lobby. I don’t have enough gas to drive to there today – to buy cigarettes. To buy cigarettes while I walk nee-dent be at 9:30 – (most of the time) but near to 11:00 –

I cannot find her – but you can be sure sometimes that she can find me sitting. – Never stand while you eat. –

The other interesting thing is I had hoped that I would have found her first. She is a very very attractive person – Why should I eat Swedish blood cakes -and try to cook a lamb properly? Because of my tongue – yikes.

If Grandma does not scare you enough – currently, no one has the aptitude to try and figure out why you should be afraid of men moving cattle in Texas. –

I hope that she does not get tipped off by doctor strange before she realizes what this is – at a blood alcohol level of .04 – hypoglycemia is no CD recording!

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