Dominican Republic


Traveling anywhere is a big deal. – Especially when you know when to do it. Not so says Candela Saccone – More than a terrible life-threatening diabetic condition – the girl is currently in a coma.

Coma could be anything – similar to cancer – I cant sleep on an air-mattress. I cant sleep on speeding truck – I cant sleep on the roadway – which was interesting – for a bit – Until I turned into paving tar – I just didn’t trust the person driving it-

If you take a look at him – through the still light – He can drive it – just don’t look at him doing it – 100% of the time.

Pretty soon he cant make the hill in 9th gear. – so I’ll leave him be. -What happened to him. – He drives we – go. Going where is another answer. There is literally no where left to go – He cant really do anything to the contrary. – Even a skeleton driving an ambulance wont do it. – Maybe a trotting fox – wow. now that’s weird. alright? -and that’s a long way to go I guess. No freaking problem –

So then the first problem –

What about the lousy greyhound driver. – Same thing. Get on it and go is the answer once more. What about a trotting cat? – yeah – the cat can actually stay awake longer than you. If – you would only stop mumbling – whoa buddy. –

In fact I would give up a lot to sleep on the desert dirt again – +++ Wow that’s freakin` cold. ++ But there is none –

There was some nice desert dirt – Somewhere I cant remember exactly where but it was a loves truck stop. – I had walked over there to find out what was going on – if anything … next week. Nope nothing –

So, why is the Dominican Republic at fault? – Maybe someone wants to drive there. Who knows right? –

SO – There are some things to avoid – The phones. The showers. The knick nacks – The laundry room – wow. Where is that – maybe if I go do my laundry.

What is this girl thinking. – I dont know right? Go drive the truck – But we havent made more than $800 in the last month – why would you be responsible for a life time of disappointment? – Yuck. Go drive.

Nope we have to sit in here and smoke with the a/c on. – People just don’t understand – With a big steering wheel – that looks like uncle Steve. – Wyoming would doubt that – luckily.

I don’t think the Dominican Republic did – I would be sick to my stomach to learn otherwise. – Especially if they eat Guinea Pigs – What made them decide that? – He-res the new twist –

They obviously don’t eat beef – for whatever reason – ok?!

The Union would be proud – no. no. Drive the truck. – lol

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