Dave Mustane



Whats wrong with Dave Mustane. –

Ozzy Osbourne, a iconic American – English rock-star – more and more like Dr. who everyday – says, “Wishing @DaveMustaine a very speedy recovery.”

I don’t know if I had ever seen Dave Mustane – because I don’t agree with standing in-front of that many people and doing anything but praying to rocks falling – once in 10 million years –

Like I did the other day – almost like Jim Morrison appearing to fan(s) – He was driving a blue BMW convertible – like a Chinese dim –

Un-phased and aware – that who ever had recorded this song – would pay –


Fortunately for me Dennys has closed; and we never do tar-rot cards in public – Force the door with illicit drugs – and terrorize children with movies like this one- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouAt_5UO83s

I lost it – Maybe Dave Mustane wouldn’t – He usually doesn’t. I believed in him – not anything else – like – going to buy a guitar in a guitar shop – its Dave Mustane

Although I am struck by many of the rifts from Metallica at the moment – a wretched thing to hear – at any shop – in California. Its very interesting – they go on and on and on – and I never saw them again –

Like I have some kind of problem – banished – and you better fix it – a listening problem – I would say so, but if you asked me what I want it would be “money” which was never the right answer – they – have the right answer – and they are at home somewhere in Fairfax city – forced not to touch it – likely, but more likely something they cant be responsible for anyway – which is a terrible thing –

Like cancer =

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