Blue Keep


The most existential threat to windows has been realized for many many year(s) –

Its net-bios protocol:

Its pretty dumb if you asked Bill Gates himself – having designed traffic lights – for a .357 magnum. Nobody is this drunk. – really. very very seriously. Because the free side of this coin – is:

net use x: \\\ipc$

To access net-bios – in the first place – has nothing to do with firearms – although it may:

The IPC$ share is also known as a null session connection. By using this session, Windows lets anonymous users perform certain activities, such as enumerating the names of domain accounts and network shares.

The IPC$ share is created by the Windows Server service. This special share exists to allow for subsequent named pipe connections to the server. The server’s named pipes are created by built-in operating system components and by any applications or services that are installed on the system. When the named pipe is being created, the process specifies the security that is associated with the pipe, and then makes sure that access is only granted to the specified users or groups.

And it clearly does not. If you count toxicology, urinalysis and blood letting.

These research papers are often extremely, extremely complex – and carry a severe consequence – Pipe connections are just off the scale dumb – inline with php injections – a similar problem. – What are the first signs of this? –

Depression, – feeling like you are less than the person you are. This is a very very very – and I mean extremely – terrible problem. – Its so serious, you may wake up and die –

This is likely why the Sheriff of Stafford county – is parked sometimes – just outside of it. – and its name: Blue Keep

The idea being, get the verve album – and let him sing inside your head instead of Microsoft. What is left for Microsoft executives –


Not so funny. A WINS server, or Ebola is caused by the heart – pumping blood where it need(s) to – similar to a heart attack – except – its victims are not listening but smelling – mosquito(s)

I would rather smell Pyrus calleryana, having the right idea – and others smelling like body odor –

How to eliminate body odor is extensively documented and blue keep is not. Washing your clothes – is documented for example. Why would anyone want to wear anything Microsoft has – familiar for others and not for some – the problem is continually bombarded by the see all end all – or what is happening while you are sleeping –

White clothing

wow. so, what can Microsoft do to eliminate white clothing has been a very very serious hot-button issue for the dumb alike – you can imagine what may be at its heels – Jamaica.

So, not a Linux firewall – I have a Linux firewall for the last technical bit – and it may surprise you – because it did.

dhclient -v enp1s8

assign an address to the second network card:

ifconfig enp1s1 netmask

apply ip masquerade:

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE

make sure that you can successfully connect to it:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 22 -m tcp -j ACCEPT

windows configuration

Try this link in a web browser:

This is the front end of my ROUTER –

The router will not allow you to operate on it! – what does that mean to you? – in Nevada – ? nothing. alright? weird.

The mtu – frequency is adjusted here – nothing else is! omg. it doesn’t work at all! – no. – What happened? alright?

The way is clearly – replacing the router equipment – supplied by the ISP

Bell Atlantic comes to mind – but this has been an issue with the FCC for many many many people – adjusting the MTU frequency – from the default 1500 will pretty much save your wallet instead –

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