Alex Jones and Sandy hook


Some time has passed between going to someone else to get the right memorandum through – what about spam? –

Can you drag spam? – What about dragging in spam? – those most responsive to these comments are the Archbishop – and more recently – Tobias Menses and Mads Mikkelsen

“We all know who did it,” Jones said on his show – I don’t know that that is true – given that here is the windows registry – and Microsoft refuses to release ANY source code –

registry editor

Does the public understand what is being said here? – no. Do you have a Linux telephone? – no. Does anyone else but apple have a telephone before a Linux telephone>? etc. What about a rock – No this rock drops hard – where you don’t have a chance -is multiplied by 100x.

Investigate why are the children speaking out of turn in this film – are university students larger than they appear to be? – beside some sort of fog – that surrounds the playground area. +++

These are extraordinary but they needn’t be exceptional. – do gooders. – on the Alex Jones show. – There are a lot more things to be sure of than emails –

Somehow this is formulated into “security” while info-sec is clearly lagging. – It could be anything about a conspiracy, that is enough – however. To run this bit of dialogue over and over without understanding it at all – is terrifying the same way I would doubt the viewers of this page- and his listeners – Don and Mike.

The FCC is very serious but however curt in their sometimes pernicious investigation of complex subject matter – so much so that the Don and Mike show was cancelled –

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