The first thing to realize about UFo(s) is that some of the greatest mysteries of earth remain un-solved: period.

Naval Hemp Prison

Ufo(s) are obviously a subject of wonder – because I would have never decided to write anything about it if I could take care of myself in the first place – infantry solders have more than this. –

So, if they gave it to me and they won’t:



This is the first thing to have a serious look at and its ugly. –

This is solved by putting your hand over the sun – having been inside a cave

However a reason for a inquiry – when there appears to be none. is over there:


Our sun is a spectacular thing to behold. It is so spectacular souls return here to see it again!

Here is a story from the bible that wont believe its self:

temple tax

If you don’t have one of these coins then you cant operate !

What is our sun talking about alright? – some people have a very heavy heart about it – and sadly – our sun spells the end for these travelers.

Here is the most convincing thing – play the lottery.

Kiss the blarney stone:

Kissing the blarney stone

What did I do wrong? – +++ lol

And thats it – the worst part is – would it be well to do … doing a good thing in the face an evil thing? –

Even if it is another animal?yes.

blarney stone

Heres the thing: where did the demon go? – lets play marbles:

the devils children
a sorcery

Strange. You think you know somebody – and this happens:


You followed the dirty demon as far as he can go – and whamo– draw – cowboy – Id rather not. Instead … lay down on the ground and act like a pine log –

It works … lol

Maybe they will come back? – I really really don’t think so. Where they went we don’t know – This is why they fascinate me and everybody else – lol

It would seem to be –

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