Kamala Harris looks ‘desperate’



I don’t know much about that but it looks like intermediate school is absolutely outrageous. Making the transition from cubby holes to lockers is pretty lame. –

I like the wood, fishing … skateboards, bicycles. Here are these – Ice cream truck – people – What are they? One of them said not to mess with the magui – alright. Why her number?

The university of San Francisco? I have that number – its .08

.08 is not realistic – Start there- Take over the entire bar – where do we sleep? – lol

I don’t like the idea of not getting credit for moving to the right class in time. – Dodge apartment dwellers in a subterranean cyclone of euthanasia.

Some of them are revolting. Like – Gallagher – Anyway. wow.

The consequences- detention school. s.a.c.k.

In sack we learn interesting things – where is Mr. _______. We obviously know where – but how can you leave here? Where exactly is that? –

You cant. ever! – What is this – I’m leaving. There is no way to avoid knowing why he is missing. Was it something I said about it? – ever?

“a sitting president. The senator said that once out of office, Trump would be subject to charges and that the DOJ should pursue them. “

You. Had better hope that it was-ant. – also this is nothing to decry or defame.

I sat – in there – and read these catalogues – where you can order – THINGS over and over and over. ahem.


I swore that I would never talk about it again – here is the bottom line – I did:

“That’s what candidates are like right now. They are the desperate guy at the bar who will say anything to get your number.


What is desperate –

A public defender.

What is juris prudence? –

The National mall. Arlington memorial cemetery. The Smithsonian museum

So the creepy investigation was there for now right?

Anyway, there is no way of knowing what happened to Mr. Bevis. Because Mr. Butthead is loud and obnoxious – and out of control! –

Why is that – mmmm. Mabye we should call the house number and see if he is home. – nope. Thats not really working. -yes it is. – How do you do that?

Ride to Shirlington because there is no temple to walk to during the day. There is however a temple of bicycles – and frozen lemonade that they don’t like or seem to understand well. – so I pulled the hand brakes – Honestly. Do you know what I do all – day – long?

To remain there? and not here? no – its. its a little dragon –

Into the deeper water – there – remains – a mysterious jack-o-lantern. And an up right standing Indian tobacco dealer – and a whole lot of walking and skipping school.

If they don’t care then say something terrible like, I have even less than what I started with – ???

International superstar — lol


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