Noises mistaken for gunshots


What is this…

People have taken to twitter – a phone as far as I know –


Is really difficult to spell out. Its worse than the slippers your roommate got you for Christmas –

People must be angry about – what is spelling it out – yikes. Lets put this away – then ….don’t look into the television set very closely – either.

Especially the very new ones. Instead – have the cat sit there next to it – What shade is that. Says cat. – I have a very special horseshoe to put on –


That kind of pop. a .380 semi automatic. – what color is that? –

Well, its the stupidest thing I can imagine. A weapon. – yes. Its a weapon and I don’t care what or where was manufactured. – but I know this –

This is no game pop has. – Where do these people get off? – You may not like the answer. I had to figure it out for myself. What are those pops and what is the 9mm bullet sitting there – leave it there –

Keep walking. This entire area belongs – belongs to your cat. – Did you hear that? – The entire area … (zone) belongs to the cat.

Is that incredible or what – no that’s not the devil; of Irish folklore. – Your time is up – pay now.

So be nice to the demon(s) but be aware of what you are seeing – because they dont know how to leave from here! –

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