No clonopin for FBI


The FBI is in the business of strictly dolling out answers to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A member of the US House – of representatives. Making this story all the more difficult. What she has to say is particularly interesting to the public because prosecuting – people – doesn’t nearly have anything to do with your pockets.

According to fox news it does – and I think it has for long while. But something interesting that you may not understand is – to live here in this house requires nearly a case of beer per week.

How much is a case of beer? – $20 if you’re lucky. Because, also something interesting that you may have missed is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She has-ant flipped my register because from what I saw in California – some very beautiful influential people are content with turning the other way – and every chance they can get.

Here’s an example. Your rolling along in tim buck too, you haven’t seen anything that resembles a thread of truth -beautiful ladies are standing nearby there – only to turn the other way. Seemingly disgusted by what you are solely responsible for. –

The US Government.

So, What is the supervisory advert in control of this? –
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Thats serious.

This is to say explicitly, that the power of two is now also your pleasure – and anything else you want to buy at some else’s expense is yours as well- I hope that Alexandria knows how to avoid the other pitfall –

These are serious veterinary diseases.

I don’t care for doctors much. Or the Philippines. Understand-o ? – lol

Everything they have to say and do is nearly contingent on checking with the pharmacy. again. –

Whats wrong with you. – pharmacy.?

Drugs are beneficial to understand what is happening under the hood – but that’s about all unless you are familiar with something strange – to her.

The fish-eye effect.

And now the point being – Arent you responsible for your cat? – What is funny about trotting like a cat walking down the road. -Posting dumb things about cats on the internet? Whats wrong with talking to the cat? Finally why don’t you try to go and find your cat, Beauregard. – ? ~

Oh, I see. Alright then- censor it.

Maybe they could have communicated this more clearly – however, avoiding the doctor simply takes an apple a day. love. love.

That is if you live there to begin with – no. I don’t. wait a minute.

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