Nasty trump


Here is the latest trump – “tweet”

“I never called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!”

Remember twitter is the undertow set by a union influence on vim text editor. Its strangely vague – but sometimes this is the output.

I remember what a PERL hash is “%

What I don’t need to remember is someone saying, “why are you in – #”

Im at home. What are you saying? – So in other words you may really make someone angry, in addition to setting the format – a mystery which never goes over well with anyone. – especially when you are all wasting time. –


What this someone means to say is, why don’t I curse you to the ground — ahem – and then we’ll see who is a good for it instead. oh wow. ok. – alright. yeah.

Wait a minute. what for. I don’t like this irc fighting. I wont do it.- This is nearly thousands of years old. thousands. And – be careful.

This is the start of meg-ans problems. – would you miss it if she was nearly defiant in saying that, for example:

“vocal misogynist” and “divisive.”

No. I don’t really know what she is talking about but she had better very quickly figure it out..

– I wish – that I was a good ghost. – I wish that I could talk to people and throw things at them. no. I wish I could sound like a vocal misogynist in what is being divisive… divisive #internet(s)

If that’s not enough – this is very hard to say and this is no plan of mine. – ?? yikes.

Hey #hard to say. – There are some good girls on irc. – That all look like thel-ma from scooby doo. lol Yes, what is this UK version?

I don’t know. Its much too difficult to understand at the moment. But I think we all like being compressed .tar.gz – Because if you got it you can get it-

When you are talking about making sense – There is a very short distance to travel – Understanding what trump said about a very long. old story.

However he would love to peddle it to Megan if he had the opportunity. So, there is really nothing more – a photograph of a | duke | harry doppelganger eating doughnuts. – is there.

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