Queen Elizabeth Concerned About Cheating


Sansbury’s – I wouldn’t know.

“One of the things that the Queen noticed immediately was that there might be the opportunity to manipulate the system and maybe not scan items. I discussed that there are sensitive scales built into this device which weigh the items,”

There sure are. – Profiling has been around for a bit but not long. If you are debating whether or not to digg a ditch. – I was present. I was present for the entire five years Giant Food decided to remodel.

The thing there – The thing being I had identified as male although it was much easy-er to reach. – and finally grab. The thing was anyway – Long story short -enough of me.

This was and has been the antidote for many many years. – Not withstanding, What was wrong with the gourmet counter? –

Lots of things are wrong with the gourmet counter. Sir. –

The water bill –

The electric bill –

Sir – The bill. – People cant afford it. People cant afford a banker’s sport coat in tweed. People cant afford not knowing why a horseshoe is affixed to their forehead. Its terrible.

So, if I could give her an answer what would it be. – WHAT?

It would very likely be french. – and very very fast. What do we do while people rip us off with fish paste. lol – Fish paste sounds good with:

“The habanero chili was disseminated by Spanish colonists to other areas of the world, to the point that 18th-century taxonomists mistook China for its place of origin and called it Capsicum chinense (“the Chinese pepper”).[5][6][7]

Today, the largest producer is the Yucat√°n Peninsula, in Mexico.”

Type in the bar code. 4555 –

Weigh the habenero pepper – This is extremely contentious. – straight away. How much does it weigh at Sansbury isle?

If she was standing there – And we are standing here – That is to say that it had been mapped. I remember the code for bananas – not for long. It is so heavy it would be categorically ambulatory – and friendlier than a box of lucky charms.

Anyway – The register knows how to compute the price as an adding machine. Nothing more. So, of what is in the database – what the item is. You better know the number. – Because I cant reach it on today’s time clock.

They are completely out of reach. -Not only on that level but another. -Name the category.

I definatley wont be. What is wrong with that. – I need to investigate with the antique mustache man. The antique mustache man would infarct tell you in all eventuality – the circumstance to which the investigation is put forth is how it is to end! -With you.

SO. How did it end? –

Not well. We didn’t pay the electric bill sir. –What?

We didn’t pay for a lot and we definitely cant pay for you besides. – Look at his picture there. What does that mean?

wow. So I figured that out first. – There are two. – The ying and the yang. – If your yang is not my ying then – make a union. If – if you can figure out why a someones son is driven to this. -dig a ditch.

And this goes nowhere. – Your sapped – What does getting sapped really mean? –

It means that I have suffered enough hepatitis to pay the electric bill. Thats. What. It. Means.

A demon has taken control of the scale. – And will make short work of you. So take a breath. – Breath through your bishop pricks because I cant stand here any longer without fainting to the floor. –

A dirty one at that – and you have- fish paste. What if you are ordered to clean it besides?

Thats where my tudor style home comes in. – Grab a rock and hold that. Lock the store at the end of the day – waiting. waiting for that last customer to leave. – yikes. and they all turn into rabbits.

I didn’t know that Sansbury isle had rabbits – yes those are rabbits. – You just cant hear them properly. – lol

The thing being cheating – and the object being – I dont know who standing there at the end of the day. – My wife or ashleymadison.com

So let her alone. While rabbits pester you to death is probably the more realistic answer. The other answer is a military one. –

Why am I standing here at the corner. What are you and your realistic answers? – Its not pleasant alone at Sansbury isle –

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