How to live like a snake in outer-space


How to live the road after a close encounter of the 3rd kind is a tensured skill. –

Finding an apartment is critical because the difference of sleeping in a bed, central heat, air conditioning, and plumbing. can really set you apart. –

We know that people run errands – so these apartments are definitely off the list:


The problem with these apartments is – BUGS. Looking at a rent that high – is probably better as a warning sign. Another warning sign is the pool. – or the gym. Dont look for an apartment with a pool. – no.

In order to avoid bugs – The apartment should be smaller – and you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on furniture – where you live.

There is simply no other explanation for it – What are you doing 3,000 miles away from your home without any hope of returning there – bugs. You had wondered away.

There likely is already an answer though – a $2,796.00 bed.

So now that we have a bed – you need high end:

Nightstand –

Breakfast table –

Sitting chair –

Dresser –

Lamps –

Television –

Living the road was a mistake. – Alright then. The floor plan I’m talking about is about 588 sq. ft. – and you can likely find the same one.

The strangest mystery I solved was what are these people holding on to that was so important? – Food. Snakes eat in here – that’s about it.

So the first thing you have to do when moving into a new apartment is route the plumbing –

Put a high end radio antenna inside all of the drains – a WiFi extender will do nicely. Next make sure they are all covered or stopped up! – with a high conductive metal.

wifi range adapter antenna

Check the water heater equipment compartment and make sure it is sealed.

Next clean the walls – before doing anything else with any heating or cooling element in the off position:

baking soda

white vinegar

Make a line around the entire ceiling area like this:


Why are we doing that … so we dont get sick. ;p

Now, one more thing. After the walls are finished, run the hot water in the bath. Add to the bath water:


This makes Natron

Have a nice bath. – Take a rock from outside and bathe with it. – You can do all kinds of things with the water. – Because if you notice – animals don’t like water!

bottles of bath water

And now that you have the bath water – lol clean the floors with it. Even if it smells slightly –

the luxo effect

Next, throw the plain salt into the oven. And heat it up. – You can have a chicken – stuff the chicken with the cooking stone. Eat this for several days after you move in!

cooking rock
ice cream salt

The next thing you will need is ice cream salt. spread this over the entire carpet area and leve it for several days. — Then sweep it off the carpet after your done eating – No problem. +++


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