How to pray to the Son of God –


Your tired – I’m tired. We’re both tired – we appear not to be on the same plane of existence. Existential non-being is just unacceptable isn’t’ it. The son of man wouldn’t have it any other way – if he can find a place to live. that is when he had brought you here to die –

One more time. – To die. In your sins. –

Recently – while floating along I came ac-cross the the Jesus film project – HERE

This son had probably the hardest roll in a film I had ever seen – maybe not that kind of film – anyway. Make no mistake about it – Thats him.

So, we know about -ivy spots- what they can do. – and how powerful they are. How powerful the voice(s) of the trees are – calling you to your body of persons. – well. Its a story isnt it? –

I know him. I know her. – know.

So you eat that one I’ll eat this one. – The snake you are. And he – he’ll just go ahead and eat that one. – The white ivy spots. –

So, your dreaming along and you remember something – This dream is nightmarish – the same as – a flashing – I am not worthy to die in my sleep. – If you were listening. To him – you probably are.

So, when you wake up – tell him … like this:

1. 2. 3. 4. With him –

“Our father who art in heaven”

(white ivy spot) I was walking that way

“Hallowed be thy name”

(white ivy spot) I started to examinine modernized perverseness of a log cabin.

“Thy kingdom come”

(White ivy spot) I realized I was very far away with no money to return home

“Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day”

4.(White ivy spot) I asked a group of strange men in uniform code official where the bicycles are. I saw Jesus walking – that way in my dream. In the other direction.

“On earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sin; as we forgive those sins in-depted to us and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”

Isnt it tired to write about putting your hands on your legs and writing this dream down –

Thinking about it for a minute –

Going inside of the same dream window -six months from now. Smoke.

But how about a magic trick:

You need demons. I don’t want to say it but they had the right idea when they made the Washington Monument. Successfully that is. They are hard like a …pair of jacks.

Anyway, so while you… get that under control – the process is terrifying isn’t it. – your life flashing before your eyes is god himself. (the son of man)

But wait a minute, depending on the day, you could go anywhere to solve the same problem. Walking. With George III and Lewis.

mmm. So now that you are awake to understand it first of all. And most of the time I cant – so that’s a pretty safe secret if you ask me. However:

I will draw up a diagram – +++

The difference:

Wait a minute, I love kitty. The other reason is for veterinary work its self.  – umm.

For example go find a tree somewhere hold onto it. The color of the tree is good for you and cat. – not a coin.

Simply lead the animal to the grey result after a good bath -(if you have trees) yes its a tree. Not a rat – or some other pest with trees on his mind. there like most of us. lol Making horse shoes is very time consuming if not done correctly –

However any other instance can cause serious problems and is not recommended! – lol

And thats that – the son of god – right there. +++

In diagram one where the hole is the coin, I describe them well enough and this is what you do with them – in other words don’t make any enemies –

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