Fox news article:

“It is not made clear who would be examined, and whether it would relate to Spears’ relationship to her two sons or her parents’ oversight of her.”

What about it that gets people with Britney – I would say a lot. –

What people don’t understand is that I would say that rather simply – because you may miss it. Granted. Her recent. Photograph. –

The problem with that is a very old story though – best told by someone else. If it were not for the 730 examination – Or in other words A court date.

I cant even imagine what it must feel like to be in that position. Because I cant – But mainly, I remember how hard it was to hold my grip on the situation.

Forward, am I angry about that? – I don’t really know. – What I do know is this; grab- something.

What is that something – Its neosporin on my 5’oclock shadow. Its getting stuck in a pipe. Its sucking ivy spots with bishop pricks. Is imaginary bills. It’s – never-mind.

But never-mind mostly. ~ Leukemia is hard to beat honestly. – We just don’t know what she is doing. What. is. she. doing. Its not hard. Save – the trouble. SERIOUSLY.

But we know that she lived in Louisiana. Strangely- they are not kind to the taxi cab business. The cab wont arrive at all. The driver is late – Be very specific about it. -No. never-mind.

Alright. – So what I have to do now is go home – heh. heh. – And eat my way to making out. – yes. no =

I have to exercise dwarfism. – Because Candy land just isn’t the same without her. – yes. yes in-deed. The other deed is Kevin Federline.

I like chicken – across the road there. – And there are a lot of chickens in my neighborhood. – I always reply to chicken. – Then he – asked me about – chicken. Have you not noticed that there are a particularly large gathering of chickens – no.

I said. Nothing. There was chicken and it was-ant Kevin Federline. So basically what they are saying by this article if you don’t care for it – well. Alright there is always medicaid.

For the unmitigated, relentless bashing of Britney spears. – Which isn’t the idea at all. If you noticed – medicaid or medicare does not = pay for dental problems. One more time- medicaid or medicare does not pay for dental problems. – These are serious. serious. painful problems –

The idea – that a 730 examination is even in the same category leads me straight to the salvation army. – Where it is safe to say, that I haven’t paid my library fines and I just dont get the pretty girl I saw yesterday – the same bell tone or a new stew pot. – lol

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