What ever this letter is; its sympathy is easily deceiving and not nearly as entertaining as being sapped. A thief has undoubtedly struck again. –

What is pope? –

What is more interesting than causing – πάππας . What could you possibly offer to God the father to hear the Jewish petition this way. Your bones. In a letter.

wow. Why do I think this is interesting. Our baptism. – lol But is our baptism more frighting than the son of man. Himself. no. –

The cat doesn’t agree. – My cat says seek; in so much that:

  1. Maybe he doesn’t have anywhere to live
  2. What deeds have these people DONE
  3. What is your purpose in angelic dealings with souls from other worlds.
  4. How is it that so many daemons posses me . –

If you saw a very very large group of people would you be set up with a microphone such that you would preform a concert or public speaking event – no.

Would … you… risk your entire family history of terrible terrible poverty and sickness and marry someone you know would send you OUT? HELL forever? The first “church” on earth?- no. And the married people of concerts and public speaking events are listening. to you. no.

Yes, the church with the son there – that is nothing less than spectacular – no.

What charitable works are being done in so much that the day is governed by none other than yourself- nothing. no. just no. bye.

Im that good cat. Yes I am lol –

What in the world is this letter doing to accuse a pope. – yes πάππας .

Or to accuse – dare I say – Your baptism>?

I think its sad that people are very very sick and dont know how to right the wrongs. Please dear god realize what kind of work is required to believe me. Or don’t –

Because I think the pope, heretic or not is infallible. Meaning he always has something very very good to say. – Even if it is extremely difficult to say –

Here is the terribly written letter: zzz…. Maybe the American confessional is no good. – lol I see that –

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