Well, give it a chance. I never ask you for anything. What is the excitement about installing a functional graphical operating system


Why is c plus plus exciting. – If my calculations were correct about nearly getting knocked on my head by the salesman at AT&T, then why was peddling a new phone so important – who had the invisible authority and superior intellect over the subject –

Obviously I did; and another -and another. Joking aside, this salesman extracted the most hateful anger I have ever felt. – Day in and day out I spent most of my time at the principals office and yet he held some kind of plenipotentiary over the entire operation – And you better believe that crap is present – because it was.

So, Is it worth the time to hear my complaint or explain? In explaining it would satisfy some curiosity in the least? – no. No it wont.

Thats why I haven’t paid the app store. – But wait one moment. – People are talking about games. Computer games – My fascination with mmorpg gaming is captivating: and here is some further background:

Would you even believe that this thread deserves that much attention? –

Fart noises? Fart game? Not really. But considering – the alternative, A calculus professor would enjoy a field day of his own in an alternate universe. – and if its all the same – so would all the time. Does it go without saying that he or she would do this purposefully? – yes.

Drag a few icons. – This is one of the first wrong answers. I dont get it. Do you get it? -Are you first expecting the answer no? Maybe. Yes.

But are you an astrophysicist explaining what a black hole is – ahh.

“I think that Pro systems should not come with games or entertainment apps by default, but that is just my opinion. ” ahh ha. Hes absolutely 100% not a paleontologist.

Did you follow the instructions here:

Anyway, I think windows 10 is good enough – For example open one of the network configuration windows and configure the network hardware. – No setup – no install with all the default options – and here is the problem.

You disabled it.

Enable it. Does it work? – We dont know. – Restart the computer. Now it works. Add too but dont take away – sure./ ;p lol

I never hope that I publish misinformation – geez.

點脈 / 點穴

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