Diana butler



There is a lot to learn about page six. But not much. – No one can devise a crytpological scheme to rid themselves of measles, yellow fever or blindness.

In so doing, Diana made many public news stories come to life. – Make a betterment for bewilderment all the same – those mosquitoes are terrible alright. Any-which way – the only thing I will accomplish today is walking the short distance to a store nearby that sells cigarettes. I have abandoned any hope of finding my way out of ditch digging, only one salvation army box short of picking them all up myself. Which is terrible because the idea is very attractive –

But what –

What are the clues and why is this so mysterious. You could begin with meningitis and diabetes. Because I did.

I want to ride the bus with Chris to places to skateboard. But these places are very dangerous to travel to -because of the obvious city dwellers. Honestly, Chris doesn’t want to enjoy any part of the mall – but himself. So there was that. And it was cold. And very depressing all the same – we need to get back on the right bus.

I am trying to recover right now from re-remembering what was in south east Washington dc. recently- Nothing. A man so dark he was it was difficult to tell if he was standing there or not. Why they had left the pot business for nonsense was-ant.

We’re on the wrong bus. The man couldn’t speak anymore than I would about it. It was so contentious to stand near him – his red skin glaring at me There was-ant anymore vines to remove from my ears – and his disgusting beard lashed at my face like some sort of whip. –

So this sort of character – is actually standing near the right bus to be on. However, unless you want to be dragged by Megan markle back to harrys’ prison gang – so be it.

But be warned – nearly all of the stunts required to escape from here are all criminal and there is no help for helpless. Or rather the hapless. – If you believed Viagra in the first place

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