Why Does the Media Treat Meghan Markle Differently Than Kate Middleton?


You can read the article there –

But it was because there was always confusion about the Middleton s. -What is the burlesque man who had missed breakfast doing knocking down doors in Falls Church city doing 30 years without changing his appearance. –

Nobody thought I was watching – Because I am. But I suppose everyone will have to get to that at some point. – and I honestly hope they don’t because there simply aren’t enough spaces at the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

This is a very very serious issue. I had no idea that it takes two fiths to kill you. Yes; Kill you. -Yes I mean to say if you accidentally put down the entire bottle of jack Daniels there is a risk of death –

Besides that Mrs. Middleton is a kind soul who takes in foster children. – Not any thing less. I don’t know how I was so privileged to meet her in her Scottish style household for example – That many articles are simply “qashed” by the record its self. – As a record for orphans –

Orphans court is no laughing matter, especially when your one of them. If you cant join the military – they wont let you sign up. And … they wont –

But Prince Harry did. And the people chattering at the grocery mart did too. So watch out there –

Does this mean anything. -? Yes it does. – Acme actors studio. –

I have no idea what is going on about Fairfax acting club being held at Spring field mall for example – But Prince Harry does. And you have to remember, absolutely no thieves are allowed – into an acting club.

But what I really think is impressive is what Prince William did to propose. He flew his helicopter to meet Kate Middleton- So, yes he really tried to impress her and in my mind this what will always be impressive.

Nothing about walking her down the isle – for example. -lol Or a fantastic job at the electric company – honestly what has ever heard of doing this –

So, again at Acme actors studio. – Not only are they interested in your credit but they cant get any -So there is a very – very clear reason to be afraid of the ruler of the entire planet – and the known world – but what are these children –

Alright – so wait a minute here- what is the deal with coming outside of some house and you look like a carpet ?- We don’t know. –

We. Dont. Know. – What in the world are these people stepping into – if they want to go out they are going to track down the carpet. Mine is ruined –

Its not so funny when you cant really pay to have it replaced. – Sometimes I like to lay on it and stare at the furniture. There is sex appeal and I suppose there is sex appeal- But what is she wearing -?

It doesn’t look half bad. I want to look like that -honestly. And now I know better than to say it but I do. Things are much different lately however –

Somebody said that you can keep them – or buy them – Whichever comes first. – Which is true and deathly fearsome. Deathly.

I believe your appearance is very very important – because I truly am no man of the elements -but I wish I were – I wish I were right now for example but could never do that to myself – So should you pay your attention there – tie your own hands – and wait for an international package from china -?

No. There really has been some success in doing this – which would explain Meghan Markle – but NOT Kate Middleton. – beards are out and furs are in.

But wait a minute you cant really buy carpet now – Alan is a database. And he doesn’t work half the time. I cant make him work if I tried – So, My eyes are very tired even as I write this – I am down for the count – how many finger am I holding?

Its anyone guess, and very rude to discuss. What do they think about this – I guarantee you its neither friendly nor as impressive as Meghan Markle.

And thats that. Now if you look for the chalkboard answer – there all the same. And very very bore-some – to actually watch for trucks moving furniture. To coordinate the $500 you get for doing it professionally. I honestly wouldn’t know. Thats why nobody is reading this – and I don’t have health insurance for moving my legs anymore. More like dreadful – but you never know. -forget it maybe. But never that.

My arms look very very impressive. lol

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