Mr. Cohen


What is on his hard-drive. There is no doubt in my mind that California is fantastic; and I cant go there. -I just wont say why – and my hard drive was stolen from the school of mining; so I don’t know.

What I do know is I lost some artwork that was on it. – they threw the rest of whatever and whatever they wanted – and It was-ant a baseball –

This is especially lame when you really try to examine what it is. And she cant -Which is just as well. Just ask him what it is – What is a hard drive –

I cant really answer – It has a vacuum sealed compartment with magnetic platters and a modular – interchangeable control board. wrong. What was manufactured – wrong. What – am I going to say about the artwork being stolen – wrong.

So, naturally; what is this happening – Cohen saying this that or the other from the deep reaching depths of a $1.99 cent beer. The world may never know. This is extremely and I mean extremely contentious. I doubt for one second that any single person knows what this is about. Is he wandering somewhere – wandering?

I wouldn’t doubt the dude ranch for a hot minute – but he would. I wouldn’t doubt telling – about evidence of smoking – if what it is that your really doing is smoking in your apartment. He would – ok? –

A perfectly nefarious ending – but I wont say that – because I seriously may die from heart failure. Also, have some ice. Although ice road truckers is a premium feature on; the overage bank charge works out to “how its made” not anything else they are obviously trying to make up –

So, not in anyway. no. – lol


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