How to train your dragon


Up and down, around a bend and near to a post is a dragon. Having no particular fashion, they are lured easily. What would be revealed if it were up to the ages. A time test. And a dragon.

It leaves little to the imagination, however small its color will be realized one way or the other without the help of a typesetting machine; or anything by the small matter of keeping it. Its difficult to say how long he has been there, but best kept in plain sight. He no easy bidder; has heard all petitions before him, knowing only what he has heard. Paintings and treasures for the dragon should be kept very very slowly. For example it may take nearly thirty five years or more to realize the empire.

Having not heard all of them, what a glorious machine indeed, free handed; anything contained within this matrices is at his command; the control and absolution of the proper monarch; and landlord; a dragon is beheld by all, and reveared by only some. However a dragon is no easy thing to train.

At the front of this is something frighting altogether; spiders and lizards, to spite your imagination. Never feed a dragon uncooked meat. Spiders usually have two fangs that sink deep to a victim, and poisoning its prey; they are stired easily by their own bodly fluids. Wash your hands thougrouly before approaching any lizards or reptiles out of their element.

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