10 double cheese


Have you ever ridden a damn carosuel inside a microwave? – Beside the devil throwing darts – firing arrows – a snapping – execpt this expends energy in all directions – followed by a bright white light that turns every thing to purple monsters? – I think If you have ever been to minisota then you have seen it towering above the tree line –

A dark misterious steam rising from a very very large structure instead of a gravestone – This terror is un-bleveable – Tresspassing in every direction, there is no clutch for it. The fruit of the universe. Trees lend their branches sometimes – asking this or that by way of rocks -this time they settle for using a flag pole – signs – gaspumps – talking rocks to the extreme. Which is it. Golden arches or simply a yellow M.

Well, I parked the 18-wheeler truck at the gas station for a few minutes and all the while – she would disappear before the rising day. The sword in the stone; It was everything. I have it. I don’t know if I want it though- because they call my name just as well – while times past have gone – now, cow pies have an obvious problem. People could not survive the wilds of the elements, caught by a pillow sham -all they needed to do was take care – in a dominion of snakes and rabid wild animals; over and over again are beds for the sick – nurses tend to all sorts of disease and pestilence over ages and ages and ages. Why then do some trees fair better than others. – Some are dry and others obviously have a lot to do. But What. in. the. hell. do. nuclear. trees. dream about- clean nuclear. Tells me somethin` else too. – where is the fruit stand/? there is no fruit stand. – Nothing to do then. I was very interested by Sauros – in the eclipse of 2025. Likewise go the unfinished casino hotels in las vegas – these damn cow pies are nearly all half baked, letting attention; by gone with the worlds most terrible elements. Not including any latch key kids, – the wild animals really are a literal sort. Having nothing to do with an eclipse. They’re not kind to anyones attention… they so lingere… On the hill the evidence of stray keeping. – Cow pies are an unpleasant thing. No, no no; your mercedes benz is on cylinder blocks in the front yard. Its a cruel joke to play. Its on me or on you is just an easy answer for having doors closed permanently.

No one is really in line for seconds unless they can then escape the extreme complication of its obvious undertaking. Having failed at some grevious crime; avoiding planetary bodies by convictions of ill witchcrafts – a gigantic unfinished grave stone – obviously committed to a terrible lie. And finnally, all but for the ill fated; a miraculous thing – nuclear power. Grappling nuclear power is then nuclear power – Are pricks pricks? What a bucnch of pricks; and then but what a bunch of ass covering prigs; deranged- Not even true belivers – cave men or a gun for hire – a fruit then to the universe- you – just dont understand. – Fur is lousy. wet fur. Wet fur does not go well for beards- Reduce co2 emmissons now – right now. And so goes it for co2 emmsissons; being neither here nor there – but in the green room. GREEN –

The trees are making their con plan right now. Making a plan and I want more hamburgers. I am so bored, I would easily go for ten double cheese burgers. But settle for six. We all eat. But How did you get there? – cave men must have walked accross a peninsula because that is a very long way to go. In the dirt there – microbes studied only by you and nasa. But Its only a plan- for the other four. They’re coming but I only have six. The souls of the damned appear- sounding like a torchured wretch – remnants of used ketchup packets they are just as plesant. Both there within your dominion of space and time; having never left you. – yes they are a worthy idol. Never an opponent.

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