Grandma cat knows more than you


What do the kingdom of the elves do for themselves while they are away – This is the topic of many popular magazines and intrest groups. Just what do they do. I think they have gone for frogs – but this is beside reason. What happens when you cant really decide who is a troll; or weather or not to take the topic seriously.

Trolls are a serious, serious grevious threat. So I investigated with all my vampire witchcrafts that you could possibly think of. -And I came out with this. Go to the trees in your neighborhood and meet your neighbors – Not just the ones you see but the ones that you cant see. Record your first observations about the tree – What is its age? Are there any stumps nearby to read how much water its getting? What is the typical weather situation for this tree –


If you are smart enough; go and put your arms around its trunk. Listen to the bark – How does it sound against the rest of the entire area? – Now look to the sky – Is the tree pointing toward the north – or how far south – is the tree in actuallity.

Now go home and sleep with it. – This is the best part. Free dreams – Although they are weird at first they become so powerful there is little disambiguation between this life – and what the dream is! – So what have you been so dumb to and why cant I hear this hum that the elves are talking about.

The mushroom kingdom. The mushroom kingdom. The mushroom kingdom. You are not here. I dont know what dreaming is. I dont know anything about having eyes. I dont have any hips, I dont need fingers -Without the problem of eating them and I may not need any at all. – here is the mushroom kingdom – Although beside the elves – Its so weird- I dont think anyone would honestly want to return after having been there. Well then how do I get big boobs? – You get them from the mushroom kingdom. – yes.

You could pretend to go for a jogging trip, get home and japaneese hot oil massage them. And every other part of your body in brown lights with the triangle you made out with -Eat every part of it. Seriously. But then you may need to sneak away and buy a girdle for it. You need to shave and powder your face every single waking hour – Until the mushroom kingdom is finished. Have a delicious chicken or put on a roast. Light some candles – Invsestigate the vampirism done to you already. Do you have a loose pair of leathery gloves instead of hands? maybe. Nobody likes me I guess.

What lies beyond the flicker of the candle. The black lights – I dont think anyone has returned to find out. Only the dark elves have looked this far -into the past with lighting magics- Crakling, snarling black lights – The color of the lighting becomes as hard as rocks. Like what is coming out of the lu at 3am. If you go inside any of these doors – The ones that prsumably have already been used for a certian – purpose. somehwere; the gelfling essesence is captured to the ages – an expensive engagement. Where everyone is so stupid, many cant pay for chewing on bones but just to watch the cat do it. So much for gelfling essesnce. – or lopsy rotwellers. leathery hands – anyway –

The sunlight on the leaves of the trees turn into a memoritorium from the mushroom kingdom -and the trolls have vanished. The only thing left then is to travel to see some of the oldest trees in the world, like Methulsela – who is 3,500. Paper beats rocks -sisors cut paper.

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