Ted Kopell – Head Tweeter


What does everyone think of Mr. Kopell – If my memory is as good as it should be and Kelly Ann Conway knows how to strike it rich, then everyone knows Ted Kopell. And certianly I am no exception. Remembering the names of celebritys, and sometimes thier monograms is more than a chore its nightmarish. Take for example, a short trip to the network operations center only to find that your as guilty as they are; and sometimes with the aid of technology things arent always put together the way that we would like them to be.

Are these problems solved? – If they are solved by tweets to Kelly Ann Connway then thats the whole story worth looking into. – To go so far as to belive people when they are telling a bold face lie is another.

Truth be told however, I have been researching the Metallica black album for some time now and twenty three years have passed since – To think that there is no success anywhere – That there is no help for the un-educated, underprivleged and minorities for which you – the confident 16 year old – are only responsible for making it to wind ensamble on time. That would be enough, but I cant see them voting myself.

While timelyness is important, some things have never changed since the Metallica black album.? Donald trump is crazy for it and you cant beat a clock. There is absolutely nothing in my mind that can change his dates of employment. – being just there and very very out of reach. I am very poor, and honestly hope that I am not effected by it.

An old overhead projector with a canvas over it; in a room un-touched is the only diciplinary notice I can see. Its much better than dreaming about living in a hotel on rt. 1 near quander road High School. At the alternative high school, people actually belive what they say; and many times are sentenced before they have a chance to become emancipated and as you would have it – by quick mashed potatoes.

This is certianly is of no consequence, and no terrible trouble at all by any modern electronic device – Is it worth the hundred bucks to get on to Kelly Ann Connway. no. I dont really belive so. What about the little peg game at a resturant table. Where did those go to? I am usually starving by the time I can afford a resturant – Which in some places like Florida; have all but vanished. –

Thats where I come into it – Your smoking a cigarette; next to her – and say this – Starving. Waitng for a table. There is no table. There are no cigarettes. There are no news papers and certainly there is no Starbucks coffee.

Just play the peg game. The one with the golf tees. – go on. You know you want to. You can pull it out of your pocket and send it off to your friends smoking cigarettes, reading the news paper and drinking starbucks coffee. Its not a peg game anymore. Its twitter –

Mcdonalds fun land has plenty of plastic balls to throw – But not the same plastic balls that surveyors use. Matter of fact I doubt that professonal surveyors have any plastic balls at all – or any legs at all. – Twitter can move one inch – when end transmission or end call is what he really punched in there – in the wall. – yes. wow. base camp to charlie madison – base camp calling charlie madison – hes not picking up from here. no.

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