Border Wall HELL


Trump and the border wall may well seem to be a syposium. An event. However many would argue a different sentiment. Across the bermudia triangle, a great plume of smoke dances near sandy beaches. – This is the idea and has been the idea for many years. If there were no one to argue the days misery, then what would take resposiblity for the rest. It is simply none such the idea. A monument maybe. –

However in Months past, the idea that there needs to be an impassible barrier between the two areas of Texas, which are already seedy looking desert landscapes; leaves a lot to be desired. And put to waste.

The risk of building such an expensive problem into a bigger one, is not even put forth. Here is what – while the malestrom consumes you, there is land that suposidly belongs to someone; and however long you hang out make sure your’re not camping out. – which is nothing short of embarassment; and from where – and just what is going on here. There are no jobs, particularly anywhere; and having seen the border potrol myself – there are whole lot of mexicans standing around – in cowboy hats. Just there –

What are they doing? – I – dont – know – and that’s just about it. For the next 150 miles tword that mountian range there. Although there are greater mysteries to be solved; and even contested – I wouldent want to be holding the draw. In a cowboy hat. Because that is all that is there when they move around funny. Not so funny it would seem. – Not at all and rather simply if you dont get it you dont get it.

Now I get it. Stop posting pictures of snakes on facebook. Nope, wait stop using facebook altogether. – Get in on the winners club at cal neva resort and casino. Actually use the damn cards you get of mustache wax men –

So if that is the case then when do they do the draw? – Where are the winners to this thing – printing the same money -? Cashing in my chips thats not what happened. They are put on motorcylces./ They are compaining about the automatic rilfes and un-nessary explosive charges – ha. ha. Nope, its a giant snake and I have tried every which way to feed it. – Visiting the indian reservation however, you litterly have about 2 minutes to decide how to spend the rest of your life. – Against extremely complicated odds – This is no longer a convienence.

So over this impasse, is something else – It doesnt like mystery, it enjoys misery and suffering – It likes opening a can of chili with a knife and a rock – Tounting you with beautiful madiens – who are invisible – and very very out of reach – in jade.

So finnally, what is this sort of husbandry? – Its every thing that Northern Virginia cant explain to a boy scout with a copper head kit – They are so off the scale stupid I am very suprised of what has already been said about it; and so multiplied – its diffcult to explain any other sort of contention. The guilty stand – and they are winning. It makes for excellent contemporary commerical archetecture. –

A border wall, and anything else the president has to say about it. Absolutely does not – And no, anything I have to say has aready been eaten and laid to ruin – another terrible thing for another terrible day – And if you begin to formulate from where – then therin lies the problem.

Any time beside it, there is less to wear for it; or a shiny new quarter – how in the world does someone even begin this sort of narative and finish it all the same? – There is really none to answer for it. Depending on what you belive or rather what was belived; in hearing – because there are enough dry pills to swallow. They are tasting a bit terrible about now.

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