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While impeachment proceedings, led by a Judiciary Committee remain debatable, “It’s very clear — 1,100 times he referred to the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt, he tried to — he fired — he tried to protect (former national security adviser Michael) Flynn from being investigated by the FBI,” was said by Jerry Nadler.

Honestly we would all like to hear from Jerry Fields, rather than Jerry Nadler; but there really isn’t much in the way of a pizza chain unless you count the $3000 storefront rent t ward your disciplinary notices to employees.

It just isnt going to go through well with the president. I think his counterparts are very much well pre-occupied. To say this that or the other was a strange way at dissolving any resemblance to a political party. What do democrats do anyway? –

The thing is I don’t think the president knows how a Judiciary panel decides anything for us. – But for themselves. This article is terrible, apart from getting up in the morning; a very very difficult thing to do, when you especially don’t want to. And you especially dont want to hear from a Judiciary. There is aboloutley no way to convenience Jerrys pizza to re-open. Nobody understands – ? lol

Why rather than cutting your nose off to spite your face, you force the president in a liberal problem with the Judiciary.

So say this, that or the other strange thing on the ballot its self; there is no voting commission to speak of, and you have a census. Jerry Nadler didnt read the question on the ballot when he voted?- Jerry Nadler does not have a census. –

“You know the beautiful thing: no collusion,” Trump said during a photo opportunity with the champion North Dakota State Bison football team. “It is all a hoax. You’re going to learn about that as you grow older. It’s a political hoax. There’s no collusion.”

Thats clearly not a census. Actually I dont even care for what it was. – and no It didn’t sound well – Now, there are clearly serious consequences for this kind of business but not any of the things CNN is describing! -we’ll tell you just fine and without the details –

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