The bane of Washington, DC


Not much to do there is it. Well, thank God that you were not invited. I heard recently that this was the popular idea. – But not how you could ever imagine.

Broken hearts can be found near the laundromat; but what about something more exciting. Like following someone else’s steps to working out the whole idea. –

This is entirely possible. But don’t forget who you are working for. When I was 11; I did something daring. So daring I was my own phenom, buying power – bars and cigarettes.

I was elusive, easily a catch-all; and above all I only had a couple of dollars –

It looks like I have come around a different way to the same difference and people are hearing it. Am I a Klingon warrior? – Star Trek had the answers.

But I could no longer watch because it was getting way too complicated. Way in over my head. And not necessarily. – is the big idea. Just Get-out.

That park leads from the West to the Northeast. Two-rd Washington, DC while the completed round trip is 27 miles –

Getting on to another trail near the George Washington parkway, DC is more of a beautiful set of medians- But what made it really spectacular was the other trail – that led to the Northwest in Georgetown. – This trail leads all the way into the mountains, a trip I never made myself.

What are some things you can do with your mountain bike now that you can purchase the Specialized stump-jumper for $799

I’m not really sure./ This is UN-believable but my friends never made it that far and easily tire – maybe it never was. My mistake was in dreaming about buying a $800 bicycle. This is especially difficult. So then what are they talking about? – I have no clue. Not even one. Stop lifting heavy junk…

Well, that’s it then; find the party. – Where is it? we’re literately back to cigarettes. Beer. Fancy things. And you cant have any. – And Washington, DC cant be outdone. Possibly evar –

I think its in the woods. So, why are the woods so beautiful -Skateboarding.

There are several places that I can think of that you can Skateboard – Or waste more time:

Do you even know how difficult this conversation is – Not wearing any pants- Not sure about what it isn’t- How will this effect my town-home status. Embarrassed for any other reason than you cant oille. Accidentally switching the radio station ….

Try to learn how to oillie:

So kick at the rear. – If the tracker tucks are working right- The slime-ball wheels will be temporarily lifted from the ground – while kicking the left foot outward. I was lucky to see someone demonstrate this all together in one motion – which was higher than an Ollie – a nolie.

Some of my favorite tricks are – the front-side grind, bench-slides and high speed jumping off of obstacles. The others are considerably more risky and require more than Osgood-shlaters. -Yeah just where are you? wow. So, I don’t really know. ok? – There was that pressure… just there – anyway- I did.

A famous place to visit while in Washington, DC is Freedom Plaza / Polanski or anywhere else your mind could imagine at the time -where it was lost. I’ll take it from you. If thats ok. – hrrm. That comment was expensive – anyway:

What else is there to do- Pets and Animals! – Hey, mice are only $1.50. I first bought a hamster. Not having one is very difficult living. They search the sides of your walls until they find a suitable place to for their- Their eyes.

What about breeding hamsters – Find a friend that has a good looking male hamster. – This is very very difficult. Then convince your friend to borrow it.

They want it all the time. lol The mature female hamster then usually has about six babies during the 90 day gestation period. Sometimes its a surprise and other times, one set is typically after the male, and the other the female. In other words if you breed a male teddy-bear hamster with a short hair female – They are all short haired and male colored – or short haired and female colored. The interesting thing about Washington, DC is the feeder fish.

Which ones can I buy? I dont know. I have never tried to order penny-royal myself – ask about hamster farms. When I get up. In the morning. —

Obviously this is getting serious. – The other thing to do in Washington, DC is fish. Fishing is interesting as finding the right place to do it. Including trespassing –

How am I trespassing. There is obviously nothing. And I mean absolutely nothing there. Except for that – tugging. The lure of being a thief is overwhelming. But doubt it, once; and its likely something else entirely. –

While bass fishing is the more expensive option, I like to fish with a ball of bread. – Simply bait a very small hook with a ball of bread. Catch the smallest fish you can possibly catch. Then get a larger hook, and drag this fish through the water slowly. – The Bass fish are there, but not necessarily with a crank bait or a plastic worm. I have had some luck with only one large crank-bait that goes very deep down toward the weeds; under the water.

When your tired of bass fishing, try cat fishing. – Throw the weighted fish out as far as possible and wait as long as you want to wait. Optionally just try sunbathing.

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