Virginia’s First Lady

There is one way to get out. Of a spat. Boredom is another. –

If people don’t believe you then who will? This is the other:

Are you trekking from the most famous place where slaves were bought and sold on the streets to the end of the earth in Baton Rouge? Not likely.

Although, anything less than being nefarious is a perfectly acceptable answer. Not necessarily.

I have played the lottery machines enough to know; and a enough scratch off tickets for saving grace to start a collection. Which days are good for pick 3 if I never pick the right numbers. One thing is for sure. And nobody can easily deny this sort of tension:

I have in my entire possession – $11

Real slaves have even less –

Because what she did say is debatable. – How is the Governor of Virginia debatable? – Where are real slaves? – They’re not at the pick3 machine. – They are not in the mountains – So for that we have to go to South Carolina:

As in any town there are laws and rules that govern the State. And in this case, the walker at the truck stop has the answer. But hes not telling anyone. Up and Down the Highway. For what and where is he walking to? –

Hopefully there will be someone there to answer. – On a mattress at the side of I-95. wow. Now that – is expensive. You couldn’t smoke enough marijuana to pay that out.

Thank God for saving our lives – but not the life that you would likely suspect. Like an over priced SUV. There is definitely no way of escaping picking any cotton or hearing from her directly,

” I am proud of my daughter’s courage, strength, and persistence. “

But make sure to add oil.

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