The Sun – and Brexit


What do I think about Brexit? The sun is clearly just there – with Greece. Where are some of the other places in the universe where lizards live?

First let me tell you something so disparaging you may vomit:

Skip to 5:33 I think I was the one who was actually responsible for recording that. –

Thats enough for anybody – and a bunch of rocks. Don’t even discuss article 50. We have all of the Sun’s money – which is considerable. Despite an extremely long long way apart – in the same place. So what do lizards have that other places dont?


This war never began. It Started and Ended with the beginning. Not as complicated as Egypt – You are mine. And you belong to me – true.


Only the place where spell casters and monsters live. – Nobody knows but a tortoise shell.


A birdie put -? I can only bet on myself for right now and everywhere I roam too. Including the past present future.


Better to move …somewhere with ISIS. A gift for the living Queen, Ⲑⲱⲟⲩⲧ likes it so can you.

United Kingdom:

Take the example of the Greeks and move these stones where I can see them and while I still can.


This is easy. I want my children from Rumpelstiltskin or pay them again.

South America:

We did this already

North America:

Move Slow. Not going to tell you again.

Which strategy is best? – One thing is certain, how are so many people disconnected so easily. The South American strategy failed, doomed to a cactus cannery.

What will we do – where will we live our lives in the United States? – you can go at these on a daily basis. – The strategy of nearly 200 hundred other countries in the world. Where we can get ahead –

Korea clearly has the best strategy. – Where people believe in equality but don’t quite understand it very well. Why oppose Japan – and have them both lean on China when these things are already millions of years old. Millions- You can hardly rid yourself of Korea. – Any way you roll the dice you could steal it for yourself. But never leave because they own it.

Time is slow there. Its nearly impossible to pass this far back in time. – But people have done it. In Japan.

I think Japan is fascinating and it works. But the life you left in China is played out by a cat. Cat says she doesn’t know why she closes her eyes. But you can. A fancy way of floating. A vehicle. What vehicle is that exactly if it is in more than one place. –

Oh. But China knows. lol – A lot. For a long long time. So what is the big deal in not knowing. A lot. We dont have a lot of time. A lot of words – but a lot. And their females have clothing just as easily.

You could sing this:

I steel so hard. – So hard. So hard I steel. Steel so hard. Hard steel. Steel Hard. What was that –

Some people cant really answer. If you can answer, thats what I think about Brexit. For Europe to make a Union straight away – needs the revision and investigation of nearly 30 years.

I don’t believe that it would be fair to revoke it – lol

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