Sex Fiends


As the conclusion of the Vatican summit remains a Vatican summit – one being debatable the other is a shill – kept in a safe, along with possibly some gold coins. Desperate times call for extraordinary measure – And this is no laughing matter. There is no food to keep your wellness alive. There are no delicious cigarettes to enjoy. There is no coffee with imaginary international delight. whoa. whoa. whoa. Why not just say something vile, like; there is no sex in the champagne room. Because I can hear it.

There is however a crippled man to encounter. A man without justice, as the crow fly’s. The other is sexual abuse. I have tried to answer this every which way from Sunday, where the calling – granted it was celebrated; was never heard on Thursdays. It was on the docket there – Which is of no consequence. I think the news is fascinating. – Why not corral the entire town on your way to McDonald’s. Or try to find the drab county building beside the Justice hall neither of which having anything to do with jail or as I would have it; the terminology which makes up its mechanics. At jack in the box. Louisiana. Inside McDonald’s. I want too. **

This is where the abuse is clearly taking place and its laughable. I don’t agree with all my friends which some say are a straight gay bet in Vermont. The idea is, you find a friend online and travel long long distances to have sex with them. I met two people online. – Where there is considerable guilt. Fascination with this is mostly the cause for reason. What people don’t understand, or no longer care to understand; is that this happens very quickly!

So when cigarette man is talking about the Vatican answer this: why did world war II include a military cou which rose to power, including an atomic weapon which decimated nearly all of what Pope Francis did, said and will ever say – and to the contrary – in the last few minutes – to the fearless.

Why are people getting funny with the money that they bought and coming over the wrong way all in the same sentence – Its kind of like a terrifying pit of snakes. I want that snake. – Way –

You can’t have it anyway because you don’t want it. You dont want her when she is sick – Do you want her when she says we don’t have enough money to afford your daughters vacation. Your daughters, daughters and their sons. – Walking around – just there. – Alright maybe in holes.

No. Ask about your conviction. Or how long six hours is. – It makes no difference in lying here or there. Nothing in my mind can change anything about not hearing this. Nothing. (Not hearing this)

What is that evil program about the girl who invites men on camera to her house about? – I have heard every thing from this is my house – Get out of my housetop, house; too go to the hospital and get pumped with permanent mind altering drugs. This is a law – In nearly every single state. Every. Single. State. They are clearly, fearless and defiant of the Catholic church in every way – and its execution. A law about a house? No not so much the idea.

Please examine your conscious and your irresponsible lack of disregard; its likely not a hospital and some things are also: simply incurable. Hiss.

But if you ever loose this path altogether,  remember an apartment that has not been touched for 10 years.  Cleaning it. Struggling to stay awake. Struggling to understand the reasoning of your employer. With your teachers. Poor behavior. Gaps in employment. Arriving on time to work. Yes, its that difficult to be a single person, let alone investigating the problem for yourself. You may even say, something really outright stupid like, what does age have to do with food? – I dont know. What I do know is feeling very awkward about saying something twice. Eight years difference. – Say it again. lol

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