Singles at the office


What’s the trouble with the office these days. Do you feel its your job to delegate the daily grind? – The commute, the sacrifice? You cop a few lines but there is something missing. At the end of the day not all of us know egyptian witchery. sarcophagi. Well, the secret there is definately the two tiny things he is holding. One, your life as a feather, and the other wears a sport jacket. All the day long. Why?

Hrmm. As toublesome as it is, there are many visitors over the night, that suggest terrible dreams and sleepless nights. Thats the terrible trouble. You cant just leave well enought alone. Operate. – Think of yourself more as a cake mold. The cake mold is designed to hold a shape, however unpleasant; and to rise with its delicious contents every single day. This is the consequence of opening your eyes. Hold them open. All. day. long. Although some would argue there is only one eye, aimed at you – How far are you willing to take sides –

I decided to investigate the story. With the trees.

Take the average magician. – Their card tricks are spectacular, entertaining; and no one grants their comming and goings. – Hell is the idea here and there is no way to revoke it from them. Until now. Dont live there. lol How do you do that? – Its rather terrifying to make up yourself that way, to ignore and to be ignored; as if. If magicians do it, then why cant I? The world may never know.

But I know this, If I live in the same place as these charlitans, mongrels and monsters, as my sport jacket suggests; would it not be resonable to assume that its not only the cat who dolls out suggestive expression-? yes.

Grab the ticket. Now! – lol

That would be the idea, would it not?- as you work more with chammomile, this is released immediately to you. I cant immagine how many grave stones are on my head already. Their gaze, thier expression; never the less cyclops has all the hottest concert tickets; he just cant reveal any of them being dumb to it himself. Now, ask the crystal rocks anything you could possibly want from there. Done. We dont live there any more. Is cyclops remitted any other convience? no. – Your too complicated to worry about other peoples problems.

So now are we in trouble? – Not really if you had already found a place to sleep; a visor. If you do this out of bordom, thats one thing; because it can get really, really and I mean; very strange.

That’s just how it is. No need to say anything more – about why the woman lives in the sky; I think there is nothing more frighting than judging someone a goblin, and somehow making yourself out to be something your not. Because you are. What terrible consequence you have made. A consquence for others! – I just cant stand it anymore. lol

So, put a coin back in your mouth, take a walk, and find somewhere is else to sleep. Tonight and every night; for ever more – have the couch in the sky. +++

There is no way back from there, mind you. But thats terrifying, the office is disappearing! – yes. Many peoples famous last words have been or will be; trips to europe. It couldent be further from the truth; and thats that.

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