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Its a wonder to lament the insane, celbrate diversity in a devotion to mary another. Between the two, these are my favorite prayers:

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

The one thing about religion is you have to belive it. Do you think that these said in private or in public have no other meaning but to say them only – Thats an interesting thing to think. I belive that if you sincerely look for the God; you will find him: forgotten. If something is nothing then nothing is impossible. I wouldnt say much more than that to him. These are holy prayers. Those. Can you even imagine how expensive artie would be if you asked artie anything inside the church – astronomical. Because:

The first thing to learn about are ivy spots. You can sharpen their focus with chammomile or have a beer party. The second thing to learn about the southern oracle are bishop pricks. Those pricks in your skin, like pins or thorns are “locusts” or wilds. If you are good at knowing what they do, you can drink with them; speak through them and even breathe when it is difficult to stand. If you lament the insane, you can ascend through them as well. The third is be still. To breathe like a snake, takes practice. The fourth are demons. Demon sprits or “jewels” are very dangerous and take a very very long while to understand. Praying is fine, dying because it is so fantastic is another. Dont even try some of the things on this page unless you are prepared to make a very very serious change to your friends, relatives, pets or even as the bastard writes this; your father. As you can already tell, If you heard the lords prayer; or the prayer of mary – there is a lot going on here under this sun. Being particularly bright, on the skin; do you mean to say there is elsewhere – no.

yikes! – live there – after having been there. anyway. Whatever. I think so too. So here they are: It starts like this. You are sitting in a room and generally you know what is happening there all the time. You are familiar with it. You understand it. You dont care for it. – well. The first time I heard the lord … as they say – it was Satan. Satan everywhere and there was nothing I could do about it. Isnt the person making this judgement the son of God? yes. Not nessarily. – I dont have a mind for it. Connect the two. Where was the last time you saw Satan? – Thats him there – I saw him there and I saw him there. – The only thing is dont say anything to him. Isnt it creepy to walk around somewhere you are not supposed to be? yes. There may be something under – Satan. Oh, I see.

How to summon a dragon: Once there was a terrible man who fantised about zombies. He even made a zombie alert – he belived that men would come out of the graves to torment people because of their sexual sins. Hearing this even once would set you in left feild. – for a beer party. The trouble was – and still is that he wants control of a body of persons. – oh. ok. Except he forgot that there are three other religions that belive this. And the fourth religion is no longer taking applications. period. Close your eyes. See the dream. – Come out from the grave ! – Concentrate very very hard to see the branches of the trees. They will come alive and are different every time. I swear it. It turns out that these are things to eat. Food spoils doesnt it. ? There are other ways to say it, but if you hear about a zombie apocolypse this is what they want. -children. You are a witch and will be reconed with. That is the idea. To summon Diamat Dianocar, a wyrm; you have to smell him. This is extremely, extremely dangerous because you will loose control of your nose. ooops. Smell the wyrm. Go inside of his voice. Find this “path” what ever is was. And make a wike from it. – Carry it. All . the . freaking . time . Usually scared out of your mind that it was true. lol

How to breathe like a snake: That really stunk didnt it? – Thats ok I can give you your life back. Work with the stink. The stink is a draft. Wait a minute the draft is alive? – Yes. I dont need you to breathe. I want to stink. Drink moonshine usually, but its terrible when it happens. However, I have mercy. – That smelled fresh. A fresh draft. Let me go inside your lungs. lol He will. Yes the dragon will go inside your lungs and you can breathe with out moving an inch. PRAY THE LORDS PRAYER TO THE THING THAT WENT INSIDE YOU. – Works every time. A vairation is to make them snap the cords that you wore around your waist. In your head. Snap goes another. and another. wait a minute. – Now Im hearing things. – Yes. you are. Now – eat the ones you want to hear. And not the ones you dont want to hear. yet.- By now you need to get two pounds of salt and put them in the bath and hope he goes away. nope. He doesnt like the HOT air. In there.

Burning Hands: Alright so, Im ahead of the game. I dont stink anymore. – Then freaking stay there! – He cant help where you went to sleep, but he can help you remember your dream. – The one about the tree branches. – Lay your hands on your legs. Thats litterally all you have to do to get back to there after the blood gets going. – Remember the dream. Keep a diary of every single one of them. twisted eh? –

Demons: Bread from heaven will start to fall from the sky by now. yes litterally fall from the sky. You cant really eat it though. Remember all those cords you broke breathing like a snake? – The difference between identifiying the demon and mana falling from the sky is very very different. Its a jewel. Snapping very very loud sometimes. That came out from your head. – PRAY THE LORDS PRAYER TO THE DEMON – Eat that. The very next thing. Instead of the voice telling you strange things in your passenger seat. There is the lord. – lol Also you may want to abandon the Satan problem at this point.

Cordon: If you are old; and have seen a thing or two. Already. – Then going to a yoga class is not the big idea. Put something nasty on your fingers. with a grip. Try a cigarette. The very next thing: = hold it there. The next and so on; like a road or path. PRAY THE HAIL MARY MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED TIMES

To it, this is so powerful; it may not even matter where you are. Keep in mind though. When the demons turn into drafts; they turn back into stones. stones that breathe life. – energy. Energy to do whatever it is that you do. Suck it through your head where it was damaged by deamons. Every body can. No they are not energon

Just to give you an idea where the the childrens program went, I dont need to even start this. – Mary is always quiet. A very comforting. quiet. This may take several days, the Bastille; I dont know. The demon cant return, for whatever reason. So you have to listen very carefully while using the part that flashed: to find the VERY NEXT endpoint. The jewel. Now THE LORDS PRAYER. – through that part. the flashing one… to the jewel …that you found. -Yes he seriously belives that you still pray to frogs. n/p . SO TRY EATING THAT OUT OF THE SKY. It may get so bad on Earth, that they will just run you down. Why? – I have no freaking idea. Now, EATING THE DEMON MANA OUT OF THE SKY. – Keep it – wait for it to… what? whats the big idea. lol no. just no. whats the big laugh about. -?

instead of laughing try to find out! – breathe with your mouth deeply – the black ivy spots. Then I will show you something else. lol

But wait ted, theres even more… Pull it. With bears stregth. Thats your problem – more salt baths. thx. magician! you. you. magician! lol Now go directly north to the draft you pulled off of him! – What- ?

Well, fine. Some people cant stand him anymore. Pray to him, after lifting the veil; and eat the mana. – there

If things are absolutely insane; and they are waining against you even at that point; in an emementary ataxia: I am not kidding – lift off the hood and let him drive the engine! watch out starbucks. lol have you lost your mind! – likely. You know, a prince of whales told me that. I wouldent try anything like that though, it takes months and sometimes years to understand very very simple commands. lol by a prince. Rather you should do it. the rest. – The rest of all of it. at say – the BANK? no. no. no. NORTH oh thats what thats about. But we dont have a Caddillac anymore. oh.

You see the problem is, if you dont eat; you cant understand any of this…He will make an auditory hallucition. like a rock. like a thing without life – This is critical stuff. –


you just necroed me. All the power in the world at your fingers. eat that. for a while. – Or more preferably driect the draft at the center of your head. You avoid making a cast; or an assertion but rather an aspersion. – This is why they said anything like that. Now the aspersions are anchored to some point. If someone does anything loud or sudden to jar you; well…The spanish will remove it Not so λοβό N.. so

At christs supper, Nobody looses. – except its really starting to hurt me. If you still dont understand, ask this; why do I need to know. lol Beware if she ever tells you go sit by the window… The only thing at that point that can help you is if you put a stone in your hand and hold on for dear life. target = blank IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE

The test: And there is nothing left to test you on. Except I dont care anymore what to pray to because I want to sleep. Light a candle. Put the coin in your mouth. Take it out of your mouth. Draw a circle around with the coin. Whatever you were praying for is very very miniscule. tiny. almost stupid. So let Satan go back to work. – lol Just watch the candle. – It turns dark black. and seems to vanish. I guess so… lol

you have reached the end of the internet. sorry. – So now, make a triangle. – like this. The trees – the demon mana the darkness:

Finally, why dont we go outside. Goodbye. –

The strangest thing I have ever known is the picture of a place. – If you remember where EXACTLY the candle effect was, it will stay there. no muss. no fuss. I dont know about working for peanuts but I would stand by it until I was dead. You can keep a record of these places ~ just like the dream record. Isnt that exciting… keep some dimes! – lol Its even funnyer when the coin starts to think like a brain. – but dont laugh. I know how to eloqate with you. Some ppl havent.

Dont do anything stupid. – As they say. When you get good at sleeping on the job, use the exact color of the place; as a visor for all the tree branch images too! Im not trying to look – anymore – In fact I would be frighted if they were not trees. Out of my control, and they are. RED. It takes a long while to hold the tree; and then a second element; but you need to add the third indefinately. In otherwords, dont make a square. A single word from a preist can really … well … change artie’s … well… anyway celebrate St. Francis of Assisi feast day! – lol

The idea is so hard to understand; watch out… there is faith at 3:30 and some would NEVER say That it is

Symbols associated with St Francis of Assisi are:

Birds and animals.

A bag of gold and rich raiment at St Francis’ (of Assisi) feet.

A winged crucifix with five rays.


A crown of thorns.

A lighted lamp.

A fiery chariot.

Animals such as birds, deer, and a wolf.


A skull.

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