The banging on the wall


Theres too many things to do with these spots eh? – want to wind up your top? – understand why the walls are talking and noone is here? Not much.

Find the spot. +++ Actors have a special way of remembering their lines for television shows and plays; without going insane. – easily. “suggestion”

Find that silly thought you were thinking. About – But dont like thinking. Often. Its terrible, but isolate this and find the spot on the wall. – Pray to the spot rather than the thin air. – If you want to try this with your eyes closed the spots are there as well. – With the trees. Its really difficult to understand; but then ask the wall something. – Only for a second but you get the message. go. on. my. son. – lol Also this is similar to playing a lousy record, or forget it; CD, MP3 or FLAC. Just how is it that others are concious of your specifications rather than their own? Suggestion. –

Why not buy new equipent for the playground when its on sale? – $$$ Now your a drifter.

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