Although there is little to celebrate, some persist. Why is that frighting? – It is for any number of reasons. Any of them can spell disaster, at any corner. –

The self serving people who live here now, are trespassers! – omg. And its your obligation to tell them so. How? How in the world are they trespassing if nothing is here? Again – there is little to celebrate. I have done my best to investigate sexual abuse, advent the status quo. But it just is not so, trespassers dont appear to be listening. Why? –

You dont have to appear. My investigation has concluded nearly 20 years my senior; and with that also; did they or did they not put them selves before others. She is just not singing any more. There is no bell tone. Trespassers are violent, and the convince is spoiled. So what is the more obvious thing to do? – I am very angry and I want to protest. revolt. – nope.

Instead of collecting jewels, make them. What is this you say? – I am angry! Exactly. lol – I recorded all the places to make a dime. Thats the same person there. no. –

A person you just made up, a person who you never seen before; a man out of his mind! You have a disgusting beard but you shaved this morning! no. I cant see you anymore because you embarrassed your self at the gym. You smoke the days last cigarette, remembering what you said. Maybe out of your element, you failed to evade the tree there. – no.

All . Day . Long.


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