Computer Services

Want to buy a new computer? I work hourly on: Retail and Resturant POS system installation, repair hardware Installation & upgrades, computer pricing & printer installation. I also work on desktop and laptops - including wireless router/access point setup and troubleshooting. How about extending wireless range? I do large scale wireless setup and troubleshooting at Hotels/Condos, Restaurants, and Large Offices too. Need a digital artist? Custom Logo Design, Custom Web Site Design, E-mail Newsletters and custom WordPress sites are what I do.

Free unix shell - Thats right, signup without a fee for temporary gateway internet access.


One time fee! - Some times things dont really take - even an hour to troubleshoot and diagnose. - So I only charge $55 - why is gas so expensive.

Other times things may take days - or maybe a schedule that fits around some other week - In addition to the one time fee, these services are $22/hr.

Free Linux & Unix Projects

The Last of us

Recover from an unruly mysql

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Get html from other websites with PHP

The Last of us

Write a new website like

Weedbox Certified

I write detailed technical instruction(s) - and news articles for - try the search icon. - over 25 years of computer experience.